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Jerky J Swim Series

Jerky J Swim Series         MSRP $5.29

By: Castaic Swimbaits

Boot tail swim bait. Super soft body results in more realistic swimming action. Ultra realistic, hand-painted detail.

Ultra Lock for Soft Plastics

Ultra Lock for Soft Plastics         MSRP $3.19

By: Mustad
These Ultra-Lock chemically sharpened hooks from Mustad are just the thing when hard-core fishing calls for soft plastics.

Chatterbait         MSRP $3.99

By: Z-Man Fishing
The perfect choice for ultra light tackle, the Micro is ideal for ponds, crappie fishing, or any situation where gamefish are keyed in on smaller forage. Includes one super tough ElaZtech Mini Split-Tail Trailer.
Saw Tail WormZ

Saw Tail WormZ         MSRP $5.49

By: Z-Man Fishing
Unlike other worms that sink and lay flat on the bottom, salt-impregnated Saw Tail WormZ float up off the bottom and move enticingly, triggering even the biggest, smartest bass to strike. Great for Texas or Carolina rigging.
Rod/Reel Performance Kit

Rod/Reel Performance Kit         MSRP $10.00

By: Dyna-Tek
Includes (1) Rod and Guide Coat, (1) Reel and Line Coat, (1) Ceramic Treatment Maintenance Coat, and (1) Alcohol Cleaner.
Slop Frog

Slop Frog         MSRP $6.49

By: C & C Bait Company

Unique body type and hook placement designed to catch more fish. Weed guard allows you to cast into thick weeds, bulrushes and lily pads without getting snagged.


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