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Fathead Jr.

Fathead Jr.         MSRP $5.90

By: Reaction Strike
The Fathead, Jr's were engineered to create a tantalizing belly roll when retrieved. Other similar lures just come through the water with a tail waggle, but the first thing you will notice with Fathead, Jr's is that the entire body shimmies during retrieve.
Odor Eliminating Soap

Odor Eliminating Soap         MSRP $1.00

By: Fish & Wash
Enjoy landing the big fish without smelling like one. The special formula eliminates odors and leaves no scent. The earthy aroma you’ll enjoy will be gone when your hands are dry. .75oz
Raptor Tail Chunk

Raptor Tail Chunk         MSRP $2.99

By: Xcite Baits
The Xcite Baits Raptor Tail Chunk features a compact body, which makes it perfect for rigging as a jig trailer. It also features specially designed claws that give off realistic movement and help it accurately mimic a fleeing crawfish.
Dahlberg Diver Frog

Dahlberg Diver Frog         MSRP $12.59

By: River2Sea
The Dahlberg Diver Frog is a bait unto its own class. It's designed to exactly replicate the mannerism and features of a frog. It doesn't just look frog, it does frog: not walking, but swimming and kicking like a real one.
Extra Wide Gap Hook

Extra Wide Gap Hook         MSRP $4.00

By: Reaction Strike
These hooks are perfectly balanced to work with any brand of Hollow Body Swimbaits. These hooks are razor sharp, and feature an oversized screweye.

Superworms         MSRP $8.63

By: Timbuktu Outdoors
The ideal solution to the hassles of live bait. Conveniently packaged, you can keep them on the shelf ready to use whenever the fish are biting.


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