Everyone who received June 2014's Box was very LUCKY! The first item in the box was Reaction Strike's 2RC Crankbait ($4.99) with state-of-the-art molding!  You then got to try El Grande Lures' Boom R Ang ($4.99), one of Bassmaster's Fred "Boom Boom" Roubanis' favorites!  Then Mustad hooked you up with a KVD Drop Shot Hook ($3.19)... Next you will find one of the original spinnerbaits (and still one of the best best from Culprit Lures ($3.16). Last, but most definitely not least was the Stand'N Yabbie Crawdad ($5.29) from River2Sea: and this Crawdad fights back!

Oh yeah... we also gave you a $20 Gift Card to Zeko Shoes! (


Add it all up... not bad to try for just $5!

Get your first LUCKY Tackle Box for only $5 when you use promo code SAVE10 at checkout!

Stand'N Yabbie

Stand'N Yabbie         MSRP $5.29

By: River2Sea
Crawdads are a favorite food item for big bass and they don't give up without a fight. A crawdad assumes a defensive posture with claws held high, as their last act of defiance before becoming supper. This bait is designed to mimic that stance. Tie one on and watch the bass attack!
KVD Drop Shot Hook

KVD Drop Shot Hook         MSRP $3.19

By: Mustad
The Mustad KVD Drop Shot Hook is an extra wide gap drop shot hook that was developed by Mustad and Bassmaster pro angler Kevin VanDam. Made to decrease the bait's interference of the hook set!
2RC Crankbait

2RC Crankbait         MSRP $4.99

By: Reaction Strike
The Reaction Strike 2RC is covered with a multi-layer paint job and fabricated with state-of-the-art molding.  The body was designed with non-tangling hook positioning and an enhanced sound chamber that gets fish drooling.
3/8 oz. Spinnerbait

3/8 oz. Spinnerbait         MSRP $3.16

By: Culprit Lures
One of the original spinnerbaits and still one of the best. The Spinnerbait features high-turbulence, super-flashes blades, live-action skirt and razor-sharp hooks in conjunction with a true fish-attracting action to entice aggressive strike.
Boom R Ang

Boom R Ang         MSRP $4.99

By: El Grande Lures

The El Grande Boom R Ang is the signature series jerkbait of Bassmaster Elite Series veteran, Fred "Boom Boom" Roubanis. Measuring 6-inches in length, it features a long, serrated forked tail, and a larger profile.


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