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Top Three Techniques of 2020

We’ve never had a year quite like 2020, for many reasons. In the fishing industry alone, we saw all tournaments halt for several months and bare shelves in tackle shops across the country.

Yet, we made it through, and now is the time to look back at the trends from this past fishing season. And there definitely were some big trends that emerged this year you should take note of going forward.


Sight fishing with electronics

People used to get upset if you called your electronics “fish finders.” “They’re depth finders,” they’d scoff.

Well, not anymore. They truly are fish finders. Modern electronics have gotten so good that top anglers will get on patterns simply by watching their graphs to see fish. They’ll know exactly how to cast on them and can even watch the fish eat the lure on-screen.

This ability to find fish and see them react to lures is revolutionizing fishing; to the point where if...

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Top 5 Baits of 2020

Our FINAL 2020 top baits wrap up.
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New Year's (Fishing) Resolutions

Ahh, resolution season. A favorite time of year for setting goals, only to forget them a couple months into the new year.

But wait!

While your weight-loss resolution may not gain traction, nor your attempts to get along better with your in-laws, fishing resolutions are not only fun but ones you’ll WANT to keep. So, here are a few resolutions to pluck for yourself to keep in 2021.


Take a kid fishing

More than likely, someone introduced you to fishing at a young age. Return the favor. Besides, while it can be an exercise in patience, there are few things more rewarding than seeing that excitement and smile of a kid having just caught their first fish.

Get organized

If you skimp on this one, we understand. Still, it’s never a bad thing to try and keep this resolution. Whether it’s your tackle boxes or you boat, getting things organized will be worth it.

Try a new fishery


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