January’sBox Theme:

Tooling Up

Though the weather in your area this month may not be ideal for fishing, winter does not have to a dull time. Winter is a great time for tooling up. Does your tackle need to be reorganized? Do your rods and reels need some TLC? How is your inventory of hooks, line, and key baits? When action on the water slows down for winter, you have an opportunity to spend time doing research on different bodies of water to give you a leg up on your competition: the bass. Check out this month’s articles on how to maximize you’re your focus, time and energy on and off the water.

January 2021 Baits

Our favorite baits to use this month - full review 🔥🔥🔥

Do Your Homework!!!

Few students actually enjoy homework. It’s hard or boring or both. Yet, students who do...

Winter Prep 101

What often separates average anglers from great ones is preparation. Many top pros spend hours...


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