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Best Lures for Smallmouth Bass

Best Lures for Smallmouth Bass

Everyone has their go-to lures when it comes to smallmouth bass fishing. Some swear by certain colors, body types or sizes. Bass can be found at various depths, and choosing the best lure to take advantage of the fish’s location within the water column is important. Below are a few of the best smallmouth bass lures we recommend you try:

  • Use a crankbait if you’re trying to fish lower in the water column. These are designed to look and move like crayfish deflecting off debris in the water, and smallmouths love to hunt for crayfish. The Storm Original Wiggle Wart is a great option, due to its small size and color options.
  • Try a spinnerbait when you want to cover water quickly and efficiently. These are especially good for casting past the area you’re trying to fish and reeling the spinner back through the water so it looks more natural once it reaches the smallmouths. Just be sure to work them through the heavy traffic areas slowly and bounce them off debris! We recommend giving some Booyah spinners a try.
  • When you want good vertical movement in the bottom of the water column, try a jig. They’re versatile in style and color, giving you a range of options when you need to cover a larger depth area effectively. Give a Strike King jig a try if you’re just getting into this style of lures.
  • Soft jerkbaits are great for fishing out in the middle of the water column. If you use them correctly with a stop-and-go technique, they’ll resemble a dying baitfish perfectly and attract attention regularly. Try some soft jerkbait from Berkley.

Vary up your tackle box with different types of smallmouth bass lures and you’ll be catching plenty of them in no time. If you’ve got some lures that never fail, let us know about them in the comments below!

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