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Bagley Baits
: Balsa Shad | PRICE: $9.49

Bagley Baits Balsa Shad Lucky Tackle Box

How often do Balsa Wood Baits show up in subscription boxes? The answer... never! Balsa Wood Crankbaits are expensive to make since they're handmade, but we convinced Bagley to do it for us this one time.

We love these Balsa crankbaits because they are “silent” – they don’t have tell-tale rattles that can spook wary bass. These silent runners are especially effective during tournaments when others are using more common rattling crankbaits.

RAW Outdoors: Raw 10B Swimbait | PRICE: $8.99

Raw Outdoors

This swimbait fishes similar to a crankbait, and has a very realistic swimming action. It can quickly find and catch bass. Banging this swimbait against the rocks in 8-12 feet of water can be a great pattern in nearly any lake from spring thru fall. Use a 7’ med-power, moderate action rod.

Primal Chase: Native Series Snake Crank | PRICE: $9.99

Primal Chase Snake Crank

Combining the fish-attracting vibrations of the Chatterbait with the action of a plastic frog, the Chatter Frog can be deadly on early-season bass cruising flats looking for a meal. Throw it close to cover, and try retrieving it at different speeds to determine how the bass want it that day.

Vicious Fishing: Extreme Vibe Lipless | PRICE: $4.29

Vicious Fishing Extreme Vibe

Upgraded to come with the new for 2017 - Japanese-made Kitana Tournament Series Hooks.

If you look at tournaments held this time of year on any grass lake, a lipless crankbait is almost always a major player. You can trigger strikes by using an erratic fast-slow retrieve, or burn it fast with an occasional pause, or yo-yo it back with sharp upward jerks.

Lake Lunkers
: Finesse Worm 5" | PRICE: $5.99

Lake Lunkers new finesse worm has been tearing it up all across the country and producing some amazing results.

When working a dropshotted worm, we want a “quivering” or “pulsating” rhythm on our worms, which is what this bait does. Using a small live bait hook rigged through the front tip of the worm really enhances the “quiver” of the worm.

Mister Twister: Buzz Bug | PRICE: $4.96

Mister Twister Buzz Bug Lucky Tackle Box

You'll be the first to get your hands on these exclusive colors for LTB only.

These add a nice profile to any jig you fish them with. I especially love using them with swim jigs. I’ve had bass that come up from the shadows of weed lines and just hammer my swim jigs, all because of the trailer I was using. The Buzz Bug is tough and can survive multiple hits by bass.

Daiichi Hooks: Offset Black Nickel Worm Hooks | PRICE: $3.50

Daiichi Lucky Tackle Box

Custom pack of razor sharp hooks that is perfect for baits of all sizes.

This is a great hook to use on a variety of soft plastic baits. When Carolina rigging, it is important to use a stronger wire hook that won’t bend when setting the hook. When using a light wire hook, there is a greater probability that the hook will bend allowing the fish to get away



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  • Does Bass Pro carry your new series snake lure? Or how can I get the lure from you?

    Norm Campbell on
  • Use it for the first time today and caught largemouth bass on the first three casts. Which retailers or dealers carry this fantastic lure?

    Carlos A. Gonzalez on
  • I really like the April box. The problem i have is the finesse worms weren’t straight they have bends and curves in them. I usually don’t fish deep water over 5 ft but the Raw swimbait looks awesome and i can’t wait to try it as well as the Primal Chase Snake crank.

    Charles Thorp on
  • Just switched box’s lets see what this XL BASS BOX has in store!!..

    Danielle on
  • I needs more

    MY Name: Mark Dever on


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