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April 2018 Lucky Tackle Box - BassXL

April Bass Box Lucky Tackle Box

MONSTERBASS - Patriot ($10.99) - The Patriot is the original Monsterbass lure that started it all. Two Kitana Hooks, one in characteristic Monsterbass red, provides unique side-to-side action. You’ll get more vicious topwater strikes with a single twitch of your rod tip with the Patriot than any other bait. Why the red hook? You are using nature’s instincts to your advantage by signifying a wounded victim. The Patriot is available in six colors and great anywhere you’d use any walking bait. Throw it around the edges of weed beds, and walk it back-and-forth over shallow rocks. Fish it gently, though, because this bait’s design gives a side-to-side action all its own.

V&M Baits - Drop Shad ($4.99) - The brand new Drop Shad from V&M Baits is a perfect finesse option for your drop shot setup. With a unique shape and design that is built to mimic a small baitfish, the Drop Shad is sure to entice even the most finicky fish. A small paddle and thin tail design gives this bait extra action when rigged with a traditional drop shot hook or a weed less style rebarb hook. Try the Drop Shad on a small ball head jig, for a super finesse presentation on 6 pound test or less when things get really tough.

Texas Tackle - Big Bug ($4.99) - The Texas Tackle Big Bug is a beaver-style bait that features distinct ribs creating a vibration under the water that lets bass know something is moving around. Flapping appendages on the sides make the Big Bug look realistic like a crawdad or other bottom hopping creature. A perfect meal for a waiting bass.

Mustad - Big Bite Worm Hook ($2.49) - The Mustad Grip-Pin Big Bite Hook’s open gap provides for superior hooking potential, and the 1X Strong Shank with forged wire means minimal flex at hook set. Available in a range of sizes, Mustad’s Grip-Pin technology features the hook industry’s only solid metal oversized keeper barb, and all Grip-Pin hooks also feature fully sealed eyes, so braided lines stay securely fastened.

Livingston Lures - Primetyme CB 2.0 (XL ONLY) ($9.99) - Combining cutting-edge technology with flawless design, the Livingston Lures Primetyme SQ 2.0 extends the fish-catching prowess of the primetyme series into shallower waters. Fitted with a thin squarebill made of circuit board, the Livingston Lures Primetyme generates a tight-wiggling action and strike-triggering deflections. In addition to its outstanding action, the Livingston Lures Primetyme SQ 2.0 also comes equipped with Livingston Lures’ EBSMT (Electronic Baitfish Sound Multi-Touch) Technology, which emits four different types of acoustics. 

Logic Lures - Tandem Rig (XL ONLY) ($5.99) - Featuring realistic swimming action combined with a weedless rigging is a surefire fish catching bait. Realistic 3D Eyez and Tungsten sound beads give this rig a realistic look and sound that fish love. Bait clips on hook ensure the bait stays put. PlastiX are infused with Logics own Scent Formula iX and pre-rigged with premium 30lb fluorocarbon Two per pack.

$1000 Mystery Bait! ($6) 


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