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February 2018 Lucky Tackle Box - Bass Tournament Series

LIVETARGET - Hollow Body Sunfish ($10.99) - The perfect weapon for fishing around thick slop, the LIVETARGET Sunfish Hollow Body invites bass to an easy meal with its precise sunfish imitation. Appetizing with a fast and slow retrieve, the LIVETARGET Sunfish Hollow Body delivers a tempting 180-degree swing with a steady twitch and a trail of bubbling attraction with a quick wind. 

Livingston Lures - Howeller Dream Master Classic ($9.99) - Combining visual triggers, realistic swimming action, and patented technology, the Livingston Lures Howell Dream Master Classic has been proven effective at the highest levels of competition amidst the world's greatest anglers. Ideal for medium-depths, the Livingston Lures Howeller Dream Master Classic features a compact, 2-1/2" profile that produces a wide wobble and savage strikes.

Z-Man Fishing - Original Chatterbait ($4.99) - The Z-Man Chatterbait combines the flash of a spinnerbait, the vibration of a crankbait and the snag resistance of a jig. The patent-pending blade design creates an intense vibrating action, which is the key to this incredible bait and the reason it consistently entices explosive reaction bites. The Z Man Chatterbait is also extremely weedless because the hook always remains in an upright position. This allows you to put the bait in heavy cover where fish live.

Bill Lewis StutterStep - ($12.99) - Originally designed for tiger-fish in Zimbabwe, the Bill Lewis StutterStep has proven in early testing to be a phenomenal bass lure. Most impressive, the StutterStep offers up to three distinct topwater actions that aren’t exactly like anything we’ve seen before. This may be the beginning of a new topwater category. 

Dobyn's - D-Blade Advantage Spinnerbait ($5.99) - Natural fish oils create a scent fish can't resist - Fish pheromones genetically stimulate fish and trigger predatory instincts - Anise oil covers undesirable scents that may repel fish 

DUO Realis - Pencil 110 ($11.99) - Delivering topwater action second-to-none, the Duo Realis Pencil 110 features an advanced, Japanese engineered design. A protruding sphere under the face of the Pencil 110 allows any angler, regardless of skill level to easily produce the classic "walk the dog" retrieve along the water's surface. By twitching the rod harder than usual when the lure reaches the highest point in the "walk the dog" retrieve, the Pencil 110 will also splash water forward and dive just below the surface for a more advanced presentation. 

V&M - Flat Wild ($3.99) - The V&M Flat Wild produces a lethal hard thumping action that can be used on almost any application and excels on Texas-rigs, Carolina-rigs, jigs, or flipping and pitching.

Mister Twister - Poc'it Phenom Worm ($3.99) - Built with air-trapping "poc'its" all along the body, the Mister Twister Poc'it Phenom Worm releases bubbles as it moves through the water, creating a slow-falling, more lifelike presentation. This innovative modification works in conjunction with a sharp J-shaped tail to produce an appetizing presentation on dropshots, shakey heads, and Carolina-rigs. Available in a number of bass-catching colors, the Mister Twister Poc’it Phenom Worm offers a unique and totally original presentation that stands out from the rest of the pack. 

Gary Yamamoto - Zako Swimbait ($6.99) - Designed by B.A.S.S. Elite Series Pro, Brett Hite, the Zako Swimbait joins the ranks of Yamamoto’s legendary line of soft plastic baits.  Its segmented body and forked tail allow it to excel as a vibrating jig trailer, and its split-belly makes it a great choice for weedless Texas-rigging.  The Zako also features a large-belly baitfish profile that perfectly mimics Bluegill and Shad, while also giving you more plastic to feed onto a jig-hook.  Available in a wide range of Yamamoto’s signature colors, the Zako Swimbait is sure to be a staple in every angler’s box.

Strike King - Magnum Rage Bug ($5.49) - Built with a large profile for provoking big bites, the Strike King Magnum Rage Bug delivers all of the structure-ready features as the original – now in an upsized package that will push the limits of your livewell. Built to be the ultimate flipping and pitching bait, the Strike King Magnum Rage Bug is designed with a streamlined profile that slips through heavy cover with ease.

Big Bite Baits - Real Deal Craw ($4.99) - Built with an extra-realistic craw profile, the Big Bite Baits Real Deal Craw is bursting with detail and covered in a texture that bass won’t want to let go of. The Big Bite Baits Real Deal Craw works great as a jig trailer or on a Texas-rig. It can be fished with the claws together for a smooth, gliding movement, or with the claws cut for a lively swimming action.

Xzone Lures - Muscle Back Finesse Craw ($4.99) - Crafted with a distinctive cross-ribbed body, as well as, small side leg appendages, this combination of features produces a unique sonic signature and vibration in the water that bass can’t refuse. Its textured claws are also fitted with a cupped outer edge that allows the Muscle Back Craw to provide a very enticing swimming action when used on a variety of rigging techniques as well. Poured with specialized plastic formula that forces the claws to float up when at rest, this allows it to mimic the defensive position of a real crawfish and deliver an ultra lifelike presentation.

Mustad - Wide Gap Hooks ($3.99) - Wide gaped hook. Ringed. Reversed point. Bronze coating for a discret and good presentation in a variety of waters.

TTI - Daiichi JH #2 ($3.99) 


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