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How To Fish Small Bodies of Water (3 Quick Tips)

How To Fish Small Bodies of Water (3 Quick Tips)

Sometimes all you need is a kayak and a few of your favorite LTB lures to have a great day of fishing!

This week’s set of tips comes from expert angler Nicole of Nicole and Outdoors. In the video, Nicole breaks down her favorite tips for landing bass in smaller bodies of water.

Experienced and knowledgeable about fishing small bodies of water, Nicole demonstrates her fishing techniques from her kayak.

Quick Tip #1 🎣

Nicole recommends keeping gear to a minimum when exploring small bodies of water out of a kayak.

Quick Tip #2 🎣

Try using two medium-heavy versatile rods, a bait caster, and spinning setup that can work many types of baits.

Quick Tip #3 🎣

A faster gear ratio is needed to reel fish into the boat quickly. This will help you avoid being pulled around in your kayak, something most of us want to avoid.

This is the perfect time of year to get out and explore, so start taking advantage of small bodies of water.

Want more tips? Check out our How to Fish A Swimbait (3 Quick Tips)  post from last week.


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