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I tried Lucky Tackle Box. Here's what happened...

Ever since my father first took me fishing, I have been hooked. Fishing is my biggest passion and it’s all I ever want to do. My problems began when I started to feel like I wasn't growing as an angler. For years, I had been using the same tackle over and over — basically whatever my dad passed down to me or what I could find at the big box guys or at my local tackle shop. The selection was never too great and I was literally using the same hard baits and soft plastics that I had been using when I was kid! With Lucky Tackle Box all that had changed… 

One day, a few buddies of mine posted a picture online with their Lucky Tackle Boxes and I was intrigued to say the least. My first question — why wasn’t I invited? I found out that they had all signed up for Lucky Tackle Box online and there was my problem.

I’m really not the most computer savvy person out there... I have always been weary of online fishing “clubs” with their promises to send tackle and I’m not a big online shopper either. Of course if I was online then I would have gotten the invite to be on the water with my buddies! My friends swore by their Lucky Tackle Boxes so I decided to take a deeper look.

“no contracts, no shipping fees and you can cancel anytime”

The first thing I saw on the Lucky Tackle Box website (luckytacklebox.com) was how there are no contracts, no shipping fees and you can cancel anytime. I just had to give this a try now. Turns out it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I got my box and I was blown away! I ordered the Bass Lucky Tackle Box and got a box stuffed with over $50 of baits and lures from big name brands. I even received some baits that I got my hands on for the first time ever. There was only one bait that I was not sure how to use, but Lucky Tackle Box directed me to their how-to videos and I was able to use it and land a hawg! I love the videos almost as much as what I get in the box.

“It's like Christmas every month”

Now when my box arrives, it’s like Christmas every month — I get cool new baits that I can catch more fish with. I’m never stuck with anything I don't know how to use and the team at LTB is always there to help. Lucky Tackle Box is a game changer!




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  • Pretty cool finding this! It me be awhile before I’ll be able to join. My leg caught on fire in January and still healing. Been out of work since then and another 5-7wks of healing. Doc said I won’t be able to jump in the lake this year. And the injury has broke. The day I can afford it I will definitely be a member of the coolest box club ever.

    Charles Garner on
  • Been with LTB for about a year now and had the same experience as this guy!

    Jameson Bradley on
  • I get my box every month and I’ve already recommended it to most of my friends. Great gift too!

    Anthony on
  • I want it

    brad adams on



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