January's LTB Tournament Winners!

January's grand prize winner won a 1 year subscription to Lucky Tackle Box, a Rod + Reel package from KastKing, and a prize pack from LIVETARGET. Other winners in the top 50 received KastKing reels, KastKing Rods, LIVETARGET prize packs, Lunkerhunt prize packs, and Mustad prize packs!!!

Check out January's winners!

Rank Angler State Prize 1
1 Garrett Colbert (Grand Prize) FL 1 year to LTB, Rod + Reel from KastKing, Prize Pack from Livetarget
2 Joshua Pohler TX KastKing Reel
3 Ronnie Muzyka AL KastKing Reel
4 Slaygang @slaygangsampson FL KastKing Reel
5 Damian Thao CA KastKing Reel
6 Robert Hurt TX KastKing Reel
7 Cody Newman FL KastKing Reel
8 Joseph Gayton SC KastKing Reel
9 Bryan Sierra FL KastKing Reel
10 Jason Broach FL KastKing Reel
11 Adam Giran FL KastKing Rod
12 Matthew Kasparek FL KastKing Rod
13 Alan Austin FL KastKing Rod
14 Paul Grubb TX KastKing Rod
15 Owen Ayers FL KastKing Rod
16 William Weems TX KastKing Rod
17 Colton Sasser FL KastKing Rod
18 Mike Fink OH KastKing Rod
19 Everett Hobbs FL KastKing Rod
20 Kevin Hough FL LIVETARGET Lures Prize Pack
21 Braden Thomas FL LIVETARGET Lures Prize Pack
22 Kaysi Craig TX LIVETARGET Lures Prize Pack
23 Josh Choi GA LIVETARGET Lures Prize Pack
24 Karl Hudson MS LIVETARGET Lures Prize Pack
25 Prince Rhine FL LIVETARGET Lures Prize Pack
26 Al Hallman SC LIVETARGET Lures Prize Pack
27 Zachary Doorlag FL LIVETARGET Lures Prize Pack
28 Jason West SC LIVETARGET Lures Prize Pack
29 Tracy Joseph FL LIVETARGET Lures Prize Pack
30 Lucas Snider CA LIVETARGET Lures Prize Pack
31 Garrett Oakes FL LUNKERHUNT Prize Pack
32 Kenneth Shields CA LUNKERHUNT Prize Pack
33 Steven Villalta FL LUNKERHUNT Prize Pack
34 Devin Donnelly FL LUNKERHUNT Prize Pack
35 Dave Schauber AZ LUNKERHUNT Prize Pack
36 Charlie Evans TX LUNKERHUNT Prize Pack
37 Cameron Kunitzer FL LUNKERHUNT Prize Pack
38 Jose Espitia CA LUNKERHUNT Prize Pack
39 James Black FL LUNKERHUNT Prize Pack
40 Matt Embree FL LUNKERHUNT Prize Pack
41 Anthony Hatcher FL Mustad Prize Pack
42 Terry Brown AR Mustad Prize Pack
43 Jaret Rushing AR Mustad Prize Pack
44 Eric Porter TX Mustad Prize Pack
45 Sean Beach CA Mustad Prize Pack
46 Sean Johnson FL Mustad Prize Pack
47 Dustin Black TX Mustad Prize Pack
48 Chuck Petscher FL Mustad Prize Pack
49 Cory Pohler TX Mustad Prize Pack
50 John Moore NC Mustad Prize Pack

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