June 2018 LTB Bass Tournament Results

Bass Fishing Tournament Lucky Tackle Box

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This month's winners, Tyler Spates and Brian Underwood, won a rod & reel from Kast King, a 1 year subscription to Lucky Tackle Box worth $300, and prize packs from Livetarget, Livingston and Gruv! Plus check out the rest of the top 50 from this month!


CA/FL/TX Winners

1 Brian Underwood FL
2 Ken Foreman FL
3 Robert Mendez FL
4 Matthew Kasparek FL
5 Wyld Tymz FL
6 Jesse Sanders FL
7 Chris Williams FL
8 Justin Combee FL
9 Tyler Carey FL
10 A.J. Morrow TX
11 William Weems TX
12 Danny Gann FL
13 Tracy Joseph FL
14 Bobby Parent FL
15 Rooater Cogburn FL
16 Kristy Speronis SC
17 Keegan Crow TX
18 Charlie Evans TX
19 Glenn McFarland TX
20 Dean Keelin CA
21 Ashton Franks TX
22 Michael Nielsen Jr FL
23 Riley Crow TX
24 Wyatt Endress
25 Paul Phelps FL


Rest of USA Winners

1 Tyler Spates NC
2 Brad Glass GA
3 Tyler Jones KS
4 Justin Fortune MS
5 Robert Talbot KS
6 Arlie Minton NC
7 Logan Blickhan MO
8 Trey Roberts OK
9 Brett Adcox AL
10 Kolby Talbot KS
11 Billy Jennum IA
12 Nathaniel Carpenter VA
13 Alexander Phillips LA
14 Garrett Burleson NC
15 J.D. Myers OK
16 Mat Devnew SC
17 Patrick Ornelas VA
18 Justin Long IN
19 Douglas Krom SC
20 Ross Blackard LA
21 Matt Henriques CT
22 Landon Dimitt KS
23 Dan Douglas OH
24 Zachary Cline PA
25 Jamie Broad LA


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