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Spoiler Alert: June 2017 BassXL Box

livingston lures divemaster

Sign up for next month's (Best Summer Baits) BassXL Box and get the Livingston Lures Dive Master!

Featuring Livingston Lures' EBS TECHNOLOGY

  Livingston Lures’ proprietary EBS Sound Technology emulates natural baitfish sounds and “calls” fish to it! 

EBS makes an artificial lure more effective from twice as far away as unnatural sounding lures, in all fishing conditions. Especially, in dirty or dark waters where predators rely on sound before sight to run or feed. 

The Dive Master 14 is ideal for targeting shallow to mid-depth structure up to 14 feet deep. Like the other DiveMaster lures, the DM 14 offers a proven design with a wide-wobble action, along with the added advantage of EBS™ sound technology to call in fish from twice as far away as traditional lures. This lure also features illumination in the eyes, to produce added visual attraction in deeper waters where light is scarce.

Special Offer: Use code FREELURE at checkout and we'll add an extra bonus lure ($9.99+ value) to your first box! 


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  • Something you’ll notice when you get your box is that each month is tailored to set you up for your next PERSONAL BEST! That’s something I love about LTB!

    Anthony T Host of SpankthatBASSTV on


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