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LTB Live - Winners List, August Edition

Sorry about the technical difficulties during LTB Live! The following LTB subscribers are winners of $15 LTB Gift Cards!

Email prizes@luckytacklebox.com and we'll make sure that you get your gift card!

Michael Janiak
Josh Reaver
Chuck Burns
Ian Weber
Marcus Johnson
James Johnson
Thaddeus Jobs
Crystal Tatum
Richard Figueroa
William Vaughan
Timothy Blackwell
Jordan Fajardo
Alex Pepper
Piotr Drzewucki
Brent Moore
Gregory Copple
Lawrence Montemayor
Jonathan Dippel
Curtis Halladay
Charles Tackett
Shan Bonjernoor
Bruce Crouterfield
Robert Ronnenberg
Jesse Sykes
Sarah Hinton
Keith Snay
Ken Fowler
Penny Judd
Tommy Drebing
Shannon Tyson
Chris Gibbons
Jes Schwedler
Jessica Wolfe
Bryan Fischer
Blake Edwards
Joanne Howe
Justin Schauwecker
Gavin Black
Luke Nance
Robert Copp
Wayd York

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  • Facebook winner thank you luckytacklebox

    Jose Comparini on
  • Hey I just won on your live cast. Super excited lol

    BassQuest on
  • another month where it seems that the “live drawing” …. via youtube…or via facebook…or via ANYTHING…didn’t come through…


    Steve Buchanan on
  • I have received my tackle box and love the quality and items stored inside my question is with the golden ticket drawing do I juat have to tune into the live drawing online to be eligible for my prize thank you

    Joshua Vasquez on


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