• March 2018 Lucky Tackle Box - Bass/BassXL

    Bagley Baits - Shallow Balsa Minnow ($9.99) - Made of balsa wood using the HCM process, this slim body profile and a short lip allows this bait to run down just below the surface. Precisely balanced in construction it is an ideal bait for erratic action that is perfect to trigger those vicious strikes. Casts like a bullet, allowing you to reach more fish and cover more water. With a uniquely shaped bill, the Bagley Shallow Balsa Minnow is sure to give the fish something they’ve never seen before. 

    Perfection Lures - David Dudley Stand Up ($4.99) - Designed by Multi-Millon dollar winning angler David Dudley, the Perfection Lures Sure Hook-Up Shakey Head was designed for maximum hook up efficiency! Unlike many other shakey heads on the market it has a true stand up action and has less hang ups than a regular shakey head. Due to the patented wire "feet" it is always standing up and once it rocks over it stands back up.

    Smartbaits - Smart Bomb ($6.99) - From fishing them 'Wacky Style' of bassin' to 'Carolina Riggin', if you want to put more fish over the side of your boat, then you'll have one of the Smart Bomb baits tied on your rod. Smart Bomb baits have a feature that finesse anglers love. The lure sinks slowly allowing the color-changing baits to reflect an injured prey to the fish watching them. 

    Cabin Creek Baits - Express Bug ($5.99) - The Cabin Creek Bait Company Express Bug offers a bulky profile that is sure to produce big bites. Featuring a fully ringed body that traps air and creates an enticing bubble trail as it moves through the water, it also comes equipped with large appendages made from thin plastic, which delivers an ultra lifelike crawfish action. Perfect for a variety of applications, the Express Bug serves as an excellent jig trailer and is also a great option for Texas-rigs, Carolina-rigs, and even shaky heads.

    Kitana - EWG Hooks ($3.99) -Kitana Hooks hail from Japanese design elements. They’re tournament-grade and feature either Knife Edge or Precision Point hooks. Precision Point hooks have tempered edges capable of any load. Knife Edge hooks have a sharp, piercing end designed for greatest penetration with the least amount of force.

    Knockout Bait Co. - Sucker Punch (XL ONLY) ($7.99) - Natural fish oils create a scent fish can't resist - Fish pheromones genetically stimulate fish and trigger predatory instincts - Anise oil covers undesirable scents that may repel fish 

    Strike King - Rage Lizard (XL ONLY) ($5.39) - The Strike King Rage Lizard is the last soft plastic lizard you'll ever buy. The ever popular 6" lizard body has been a staple among many Texas rig and Carolina rig fisherman for years. The new 6" Rage Tail Lizard features the unique Rage Tail design on all 4 legs and the large Rage Tail has incredible movement in the water.  



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