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March 2018 Lucky Tackle Box - Bass Tournament Series

Freedom Lures - Brushless Jig ($4.99) - Great fished at all depths, the interchangeable hook swings freely behind the head so it does not get caught up on debris. 

LIVETARGET - Crankbait ($12.99)

Norman - Deep Little N ($6.49) - Recognized by crankbait enthusiasts and tournament anglers as an outright performer, the Norman Deep Little N Crankbait dives down quickly and hits that 9-12 foot sweet spot with a signature action that is undeniably effective. Built with a precisely angled round bill, the Norman Deep Little N Crankbait delivers a distinct, medium-wide wobble that calls to big bass and triggers bites with outstanding deflective properties.

Lunkerhunt - Froglet - ($7.99) - Featuring a unique body shape combined with a weedless, super soft, hollow body design, the Froglet is engineered to cast farther and walk easier than any frog on the market. Incredibly weedless as well, you can fish it over the nastiest slop with ease and it also comes equipped with super sharp upturned hooks that lock into fish. Extremely versatile, simply change your cadence to make the Froglet glide slowly side-to-side or make it swing noisily 180-degrees, throwing water, while hanging in the strike zone.

Bagley Baits - Shallow Balsa Minnow ($9.99) - Made of balsa wood using the HCM process, this slim body profile and a short lip allows this bait to run down just below the surface. Precisely balanced in construction it is an ideal bait for erratic action that is perfect to trigger those vicious strikes. Casts like a bullet, allowing you to reach more fish and cover more water. With a uniquely shaped bill, the Bagley Shallow Balsa Minnow is sure to give the fish something they’ve never seen before.

Cabin Creek Baits - Express Bug ($3.99) - The Cabin Creek Bait Company Express Bug offers a bulky profile that is sure to produce big bites. Featuring a fully ringed body that traps air and creates an enticing bubble trail as it moves through the water, it also comes equipped with large appendages made from thin plastic, which delivers an ultra lifelike crawfish action. Perfect for a variety of applications, the Express Bug serves as an excellent jig trailer and is also a great option for Texas-rigs, Carolina-rigs, and even shaky heads.

Xcite Baits - Shadnasty ($5.99) - Featuring a meaty body with a tapered tail to help produce an enticing tail-kicking action, the ribs down the entire length of the body also generate additional vibrations while the bait is swimming. Molded eye sockets allow anglers to add on after market 3D eyes for extra attraction as well. 

Netbait - Paca Craw ($4.29) - With the patented NetBait claws and hollow body design the Paca Craw is an extremely versatile bait. When flipped or pitched the claws of the Paca Craw have a helicopter effect which slows the decent of this bait. The hollow body can accommodate a large rattle or can be used as a reservoir for scent. The first half inch of the butt end is solid plastic which will help the from sliding down the hook. The NetBait Paca Craw is by far one of the most versatile soft plastic baits on the market.

Biwaa - Ultra Hog ($5.99) - The Biwaa Ultra Hog is a compact profile creature bait perfect for pressured fish and clear water scenarios.  Its slim design helps it produce more bites than bigger, bulkier creature baits, and also allows it to slip in-and-out of cover with fewer snags.

Yum - Bad Mamma ($3.99) - To put it simply, the Yum Bad Mamma is built with a thick body that has curves in all the right places. Designed with ribbing all along the body, the Yum Bad Mamma features two flappers and two thinned-out tails that displace plenty of water. Ideal for pitching and flipping, the Yum Bad Mamma is right at home among thick vegetation, wood, and other heavy cover.

WOO! Tungsten - 1/8 Oz Flipping Weight ($4.29) - 1/8 oz Tungsten Flipping Weight (4 Pack). Are 97% pure tungsten, insert free and feature a sleek profile making it easy to penetrate the thickest, nastiest cover where the big girls live. Not only are WOO! Tungsten weights smaller and more sensitive than lead, they are also louder when they bang up against a flipping bead (sold separately) or a rock. And speaking of rocks, don't worry about the paint chipping off of this bad boy. It's powder painted to make it chip resistant.

VMC - Ike's Approved Neko Hook ($2.99) - Designed by the 2006 Bassmaster Angler of the Year, Michael Iaconelli, the VMC Ike Approved Neko Hook is built specifically for the finesse technique of neko-rigging. Forged with a three-degree offset for an improved hook-up ratio, the VMC Ike Approved Neko Hook features a long shank and a wide-gap that imparts the ideal vertical posture. Finished with a resin-sealed eye for increased dependability, the VMC Ike Approved Neko Hook delivers professionally modified performance that finesses anglers can count-on.

Yozuri - Hardbait ($3.99)

Mustad - UltraLock Hooks ($4.99) - Mustad Ultra Point UltraLock Hooks are created using state-of-the-art three-stage Opti-Angle sharpening technology, which removes less metal from the point than traditional methods, without compromising sharpness. The result is an ultra-sharp, ultra-strong needle point that delivers quick, easy penetration and longer performance. 


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