• May 2018 LTB Bass Tournament Results

    Don't miss your chance to sign up for this month's tournament, with over $4000 in prizes up for grabs! Plus our tournament is now regional so everyone has a fair chance at winning!
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    This month's winners, Michael Hutchinson and  Matthew Kasparek, won a rod & reel from Kast King, a 1 year subscription to Lucky Tackle Box worth $300, and prize packs from Livetarget, Livingston and Gruv! Plus check out the rest of the top 50 from this month!
    Rank Angler State
    1 Michael Hutchinson GA
    2 J.D. Myers OK
    3 Justin Long IN
    4 Brandon Baine NC
    5 Bob Tench VA
    6 Jason Norris NC
    7 Ross Blackard LA
    8 Trae Reed IA
    9 Christopher Rowlee IL
    10 Kyle Zemke ID
    11 Jose Vuittonet NY
    12 Kenneth Olivo PA
    13 Joshua Watt MD
    14 Brandon Vander Baan MI
    15 Ryan Grenadier MI
    16 Robert Monroe TN
    17 Kevin Fox GA
    18 Tony Adair IN
    19 Travis Hosick NE
    20 Patrick Ornelas VA
    21 Douglas Krom SC
    22 Ty Barnhill LA
    23 Frank Porcelli NY
    24 Marcus Rodriguez MS
    25 Lance Smith



    Rank Angler State
    1 Matthew Kasparek FL
    2 Manuel Ortega CA
    3 Cory Lopez FL
    4 Chris Rodgers CA
    5 William Weems TX
    6 Aaron Bell FL
    7 Brian Nelli FL
    8 Glen Wingate FL
    9 Chris Cole FL
    10 Bobby Parent FL
    11 John Cook FL
    12 Timothy Strausbaugh FL
    13 Kyle Rowin TX
    14 Tyler Carey FL
    15 Adam Giran FL
    16 Trenton Wilke CA
    17 Logan Huechtker TX
    18 Jesus Delgado FL
    19 Travis Brink TX
    20 Lakota Hassler FL
    21 Armando Mora CA
    22 Glenn McFarland TX
    23 Benny Esquivel CA
    24 Robert Harris TX
    25 Todd Rutland TX

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