Squarebill Tactics

Fish are moving up shallow but can be difficult to locate... BUT spring can be the best time of the year to catch your trophy size bass if you know what to look for...

Travis will show you how with the Livingston Lures' Prymetime Squarebill that we included in this month's Lucky Tackle Box!

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* Transcript below:

What's up guys, Travis here with Lucky Tackle Box. The hot weather is finally here and those fish? They're moving up shallow, but they can be difficult to locate because you don't know, they're gonna be shallow, you don't know where they're gonna be shallow, where those higher productive areas are, but this can be some of the best time of the year to catch those trophy sized bass. We're gonna use the Livingston Primetyme 2.0 CB, which is a shallow water Square Bill crank bait, and with that weedless nose, it deflects off cover, you're able to really probe around these shallow water areas until you find the productive areas, and then when you do, that Square Bill as it deflects off rocks or wood, where these big females are gonna be, you will trigger the strikes and catch some big old fish. Lets break down this technique right now starting with rigging.

Right out of the box, I tie this bait on with a palomar know to 12 to 17 pound mono or fluoro carbon. Let's talk about the bait itself, this Square Bill is actually made of circuit board, which allows this bait to have erratic hunting action, which triggers strikes. The other thing that is very unique to Livingston lures, which trigger strikes is the EBS technology, you'll hear this bait making a little croaking noise, a little tt-ttt, that's EBS technology, electric bait sounds, that's mimicking the bait that's in the water, which is gonna trigger those fish.

Also, now squarebills in general are great because they deflect. That squarebill as it hits structure, it blocks those hooks from underneath, and it deflects off of it, and when that bait is deflecting, it's triggering those strikes, it comes swimming in, deflects that bass season opportunity, and strikes.

Now the other thing is that these fish this time of year, they're gonna be around wood, around rocks, so as you're deflecting that, you're in the areas you need to be with the right bait. You guys, let's get out on the water, start doing some fishing, and break down the retrieval.

Let's talk about retrieving this thing. Just make a little cast, put your rod tip down, and doing a slow and steady retrieve, you're gonna get this bait dive about 3 to 5 feet. The next step is I wanna try to bang it into anything I can, so if there's some logs or if there's some rocks and thing, I'm hopefully hitting those things, and right now I'm trying to stay close to this bank because I want to bump along those rocks and things along the shoreline so that the fish think it's a little craw or something scurrying along the shallows.

Now, another trick is, when you're casting into shallow water or over weeds and you don't want this bait to run 4 or 5 feet deep, what you can do is you can change the angle of your rod. As I cast shallow right now, I'm gonna keep my rod tip up as it's shallow and as it comes down the ledge, I'm gonna drop that rod tip, and now it runs down to that 5 foot range. That's a great little technique to be able to fish different depths so you can find ... Cause you're gonna cast shallow, you're gonna cast deep, and then a lot of casts you're gonna cast both, and so you can really switch the angle of your rod to make that bait run a little different.

Right now, I'm gonna cast out, past the tules. Here we go. And that fish is fat. He is short and fit. Buddy. And if you look behind me guys, a nice row of tules. Instead of being away from it and casting to it, I'm right up against it, and what I'm doing is I'm casting all the way along so that bait is right in from of those tules the entire time, so it's in a good strike zone the entire time. We caught a fish right at the little boat here. Nothing wrong with it. Little guy. As my boy Jake Diamari says, see you later dude.

There's two things I'm looking for when I'm throwing this bait. I'm looking for obviously shallow water and the second one is some kind of structure. A couple examples of that right now, right in here is we've got the docks. Docks are great for shallow fish because when the fish want to move shallow, they just move to the shallow end of the dock. When they wanna get a little bit deeper water, they just move out more towards the back of the dock, and they can hang out there, those pilings can offer them something to relate to, so anytime you find docks that can be really good.

The other thing we got here are rip rap bank, we got this rocky bank, that's a great place these fish can move up to. The rocks this time of the year, they absorb the heat from these little sunny days, so that will actually hold heat and warm up a little bit faster. These fish can hang out there and get warmed up and they can also build their nests in that area there as well.

As I make my way through these areas, I just look for those little pieces of structure. Now we have the rocks where it meets the docks. That's gonna be a high percentage area, so once I find an area that I think I'm gonna fish, I then look for the best spots in that area. The other thing I do is, say I go down this bank and don't get bit, I wanna be moving a lot, I wanna be looking for those fish that have moved up, that are feeding, that are active, that are gonna be catchable, so what I do is I wanna try as much different shallow water cover with as many different places as possible as well. If I don't get bit, I'm gonna make a run away from here and maybe find ... I'll fish near a dam or I'll fish near some tule, some vegetation. Just try to find as many different things as I possibly can.

Hi guys, so when you pull up these docks, you wanna hit those corners, those pilings, they love hanging out in those little pilings, and then the walkways up at the very front of them. The other thing is, I always say this, focus on the shady side. When I look at this dock, I have the sunny side on the left-hand side, then on this other side that's the side that's shady, so I wanna make my cast along there. Bass love hanging out in the shade and on the corners. You wanna maximize every cast, focus on the high percentage areas, shady spots, shady sides are gonna be the high percentage areas.

Look at that. Yes. This is putting things together here. This is not nicer fish, I'm gonna swing wide so we don't spook any of these fish, but look at what a pretty, pretty fish. Look at the belly on him. What we've been figuring out is that these fish are on these little corners, so we've got long rip rap banks, but we weren't getting bit, there was a little too thick of the weeds to throw this thing in, but once we start fishing these little corners where there's actually a bend in that rip rap bank, we start catching little ones, so we got little ones, stripers, but we just kept moving, kept targeting every one of those little corners, and now we found a little bit bigger fish. This fish isn't very long as well, but holy cow the belly on him is huge! Look at that guy. Definitely feeding up, getting ready for spawn time.

Alright guys. Shallow water fish, when that warming springtime bite happens, these fish move up shallow, you need a search bait like this. The Square Bill deflects off of cover so it triggers strikes, it's fairly weedless so you're able to fish all that shallow water, and it targets and entices those big bites. The Livingston Primetyme CB 2.0 is the perfect bait, came in your box in April, perfect bait to target and locate those fish, and once you catch some fish in your area, go back there with a slower bait, some kind of finesse bait. Once you find those key areas, just throw all kinds of stuff and get all the fish you can out of there.

Guys, hope you enjoyed this video. I'm Travis Moran. If you enjoyed it, throw it a thumbs up, subscribe to the channel, and I will see you on the next video.

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