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Tip# 1 for Summer Topwater Bass Fishing

Are you searching for the best tips for summer topwater bass fishing? If so you have come to the right place. With fish more active and hungry during summer, you need a bait that's going to create a lot of attention and entice those big bass we all love catching, and the Evolution Baits GrassBurner Buzzbait is just what we all need. This lure features an inline with binary treble hooks to drop jaws on these bass as it flutters by. Enough said, watch the always Informative Nick Smith teach you step-by-step his go-to tips and location when it comes to throwing this bait.

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  • Amazing bait!!! I’ve been watching IF use it for almost a year now and have always wanted to try one. Caught my first large mouths in Colorado with it yesterday. This thing is one of the most durable and rugged baits I’ve ever used. Snagged it in trees and ripped it right out with no issues at all.

    Jason Flippin on


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