US and Canada’s Top 10 Best Fishing Charters and Tours

The best fishing charters

US and Canada’s Top 10 Fishing Charters

There are few places in the world as perfect as North America when it comes to prime fishing opportunities. If you are thinking of embarking on your next epic fishing adventure soon, you should definitely consider signing up for one of Canada or the US’s top 10 fishing tours and charters.

These angling tours are specially designed to be informative, educational, and pure fun, giving you plenty of bang for your buck on your next adventure!

1: Charters in Florida Keys, FL

The Florida Keys offer a totally unique fishing environment due to the structure of its many islands, as well as a wealth of big game fish to be caught throughout the year. Join Robbie’s and other popular fishing charters for professional advice, loads of catches, and great experience for kids as well. Among the common catches in the area are Tarpon, Permit, Bonefish, Redfish and Snook.

2: Lake Fishing Day Tours in Alberta, CA

Alberta, Canada is a well-known fishing destination famed for its crystal clear lakes and the Athabasca River. There are multiple fishing tours on offer in this region by the Great Canadian Adventure Company, allowing you to see Hanmore Lake, Baptiste Lake, Lac La Nonne, Calling Lake, North Buck Lake and more in all their splendour. Day trips here start from an affordable CA$240 per person, and give you the chance to reel in Walleye, Northern Pike, Perch, Burbot, and Lake Whitefish.

3: Angler’s Paradise in Miami, FL

Miami’s reputation is certainly unsurpassed when it comes to nightlife, restaurant culture, and celebrity spotting. However, this Floridian hotspot is also a fantastic fishing destination thanks to its expansive coral reefs, and fast and warm currents. Some of the region’s most renowned charters are offered by Mark the Shark and Nomad Fishing Charters, both of which offer day trips out to Orlando and other prime fishing spots along with plenty of expertise and the occasional sunset cruise as well.

4: Overnight Charters in the Gulf Islands, CA

The reefs near the Gulf Islands of British Columbia, Canada, are the perfect areas at which to find all kinds of Salmon species throughout the year. Take a multi-day Salmon fishing charter and enjoy accommodation at private seaside cabins and 10 hours of guided fishing each day. You’ll be able to catch rare Chinook Salmon from May to July, and Coho, Sockeye and Pinks from August to September. Angling equipment can also be provided by the operators, much like when you host a mobile casino party in your home, so there’s no need to pack too much. While some anglers prefer their own equipment, sometimes when travelling having everything you need provided for you is a major benefit.

5: Whistler Half-Day Fly Fishing Tours, CA

If your vacation schedule is packed to capacity but you still want to fit in a fishing tour, the half-day guided tours at Whistler, Canada are a great option. Fish for Bull Trout, Salmon, Rainbow Trout and Steelheads at Whistler’s gorgeous lakes, fully guided by fly fishing experts who will pack as much information and fun into your 5 hour tour as possible.

6: Angling Trips in Galveston, TX

Galveston, Texas is the perfect angling destination thanks to its 30 miles of clean beaches and the warm Gulf of Mexico right nearby. Reel in Snapper, Kingfish and Dorado on any of the region’s great fishing tours, supplied by top regional charters like Galveston Sea Adventures and Get Bent! Galveston. Venture a little further out to sea and you could snap up Sailfish, Grouper, and even Tuna on your expeditions!

7: Great Fishing in Cape Cod, MA

With a name like Cape Cod, it’s no surprise that this Massachusetts seaside town offers a plethora of activities, including fishing and other great pastimes like water sports and surfing. Venture out with a top-rated charter like Reel Deal Fishing Charters or Shark Shark Tuna to learn how to catch Bluefish, Striped Bass, Bonito, Cod, Tuna, Mackerel, and the occasional magnificent shark as well.

8: Cool Ice Fishing in British Columbia, CA

Nothing is more proudly Canadian than ice fishing, and if you’re in town, you can try it for yourself thanks to one of BC’s many ice fishing tours! Venture to Pemberton or Whistler during the cold winter months for a chilly but rewarding 3-hour ice fishing experience fully guided by experts with years of expertise to share.

9: Year-round Catches at Charleston, SC

Join a charter like Charlestown Charter Fishing or Headshaker Charters for year-round fishing opportunities in the oldest city in South Carolina. The flats and rivers around the metropolis are teeming with Speckled Trout, Flounder, Ladyfish, Bluefish and Red Drum, while the harbours have an abundance of Channel Bass, Spanish Mackerel, Tarpon and sharks to reel in.

10: Pacific Fishing at Vancouver Island, CA

The West Coast off Vancouver Island in Canada is home to a jackpot of Pacific salmon runs and first-class recreational fishing opportunities. From just CA$750 per person, venture out on a guided charter to nab Wild Chinook, Coho Sockeye, Pinks and Dogfish among the gorgeous views and clear waters of Tofino.


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