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This Month'sBox Theme:

Chasing The Bait

As water temperatures cool, bass are driven to eat as much as possible before food becomes scarce. They are hungry and active, and the best way to find them is to find their food. Remember the old saying: Where there are baitfish, there are bass. Where there are bass, there are LTB subscribers!

At the end of the day, you chase the bait to find the bass. To maximize your efforts in the chase, LTB is hooking you up with reaction-type baits that allow you to work both fast and slow, letting you trigger reaction bites from the schooled-up bass. LTB has hand-picked the right baits and lures that will help you land that next lunker.

October Baits

Breaking down the baits included in October's box 🔥🔥

Totally Tubular

Regardless of where you fish (southern reservoirs, northern natural lakes or the Great Lakes), if...

Chasing The Bait

As anglers, we often focus on the species we are chasing, but sometimes we forget...


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