October Baits

Walking Bait

“Walking-the-dog” is a fun way to catch fall bass that are feeding up for winter. Just twitch your rod with a little bit of slack line, and this bait will zig-zag its way back to you, imitating a dying shad. Keep a walking bait tied on this fall for a little trick-or-treat!

Plopping Bait

This is one of the easiest-to-use topwater baits on the market. Make a long cast and reel the bait straight back to you at varying speeds. The “plopping” sounds this bait puts off are something bass just can’t ignore.


A spinnerbait mimics moving baitfish perfectly. Throw your spinnerbait in shallow pockets or coves that are holding lots of baitfish. Where the baitfish are, the bass will be also.

Lipless Crankbait

A lipless crankbait is a fast-moving, tight-wiggling, perfectly sized meal for all sizes and species of bass. Most bass will react to the sound or vibration of this bait as it moves through the water. Keep your rod tip high and don’t be afraid to burn this lure near the surface.


Bass in rivers, lakes and ponds will continue to relate to grass beds even as they start to recede in the fall. Throwing a frog around these grass beds will keep you tangle-free and allow you to cover a lot of water as you pursue your next bucketmouth.


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