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March 2016 Lucky Tackle Box - BassXL Box

LiveTarget – Frog
The LiveTarget frog is anatomically correct with unprecedented detailing, it sits in the water on the pause just like a real frog - tempting bass from below. Use a 7’3 - 7’6 medium-heavy rod spooled with 50-65 pound braid. Cast on top of weed mats, around structure or near thick cover. Work in a “walk-the-dog” side to side action by pointing your rod tip at the water on a slack line, pausing the bait to let it sit in high-percentage areas (like holes in the grass).
Fishing Frugal Lures - Jig 
One of the finest handmade jig companies, Fishing Frugal Lures provides some of the most unique skirt colors of any jig on the market and quality painted heads. Try throwing these jigs around weedlines, docks or any manmade structure, working the baits in 2-4 inch hops to mimic a fleeing crawdad. Use a plastic trailer to “bulk” up the jig and give it a more appealing look.
Bass Munitions – Breacher Mini Beaver
BRAND NEW for 2016, the Bass Munitions Mini Beaver is perfect for flipping, pitching, a swing-head or as a jig trailer. This bait is super versatile and can be thrown on everything from a light finesse setup to a heavy punch rig. Work around grass, docks, rocks and other structure…pretty much any place a bass can hide!
Reaction Strike – 4’ Thin Shad
The Reaction Strike 4’ Thin Shad offers anglers an extremely versatile bait that can be used in almost any scenario and with a number of different techniques. Try rigging on a 6’6 to 7’4 medium light spinning rod with 5-8 pound test. Rig it on a ball-head, darter head, A-rig or as a trailer.
Misc. Mustad Hooks

(BassXL ONLY) LiveTarget – Yearling Baitball

Expanding upon LiveTarget’s highly successful baitball series, the Yearling Baitball crankbait captures the same clustered bait ball form, but with the implementation of tiny, distressed yearling. The Baitball comes in multiple crankbait styles from deep to shallow and can be thrown on a 7’0 – 7’6 medium crankbait rod. Try a “stop and go” retrieve to trigger strikes!


(BassXL ONLY) Dynamic Lures – J Spec 3-inch Jerkbait

Dynamic’s J Spec is the ULTIMATE 3-inch jerkbait. Its unique size and shape produce an erratic action that triggers aggressive strikes. Try throwing on a 6’8 – 7’0 medium action spinning rod with a fast tip. Point your rod tip at the water and give small downward “pops” on a semi-slack line. Vary the cadence intermittently until you see what the fish want.

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Lucky Bug Lures - Zombie Maxx Jointed Swimbait


Livingston Lures Pro Wake


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