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March 2016 Lucky Tackle Box - Walleye Box

Dynamic Lures: Travado, retail: $8.99. 4 inch, .06oz, suspended action, 6-10ft dive depth, 10-15’ troll. This deep diver jerk bait is great for deeper presentations. Use this as a search bait to locate fish, it can be trolled or cast with ease and success, it has true swimming action and wont burn out like other jerk baits do.


Reaction Strike: The Catfish, retail: $14.99. 4 inch. The Catfish is the most versatile, realistic bass and walleye catching lure ever developed. This swim bait was designed so anglers can cast or troll it in as many ways as you would a traditional crank bait or jig style lures.


Fishing Physics: Grub, retail: $5.99. Starts at 2 inches, this bait is completely biodegradable and will resist wear and tear giving you lots of uses. This bait comes in a variety of natural scents to attract many different kinds of species including bass, crappie and walleye. They can also be used in a wide variety of waters.


FinTech: Slo-D, retail: $ These baits are designed to perform well on all bottom conditions. It features a tapered shoulder and curvature of the sinker that allows it to slide effortlessly through just about any type of terrain. It has a buoyant rattle chamber, which emits sound waves to attract fish in colored/strained waters, and the small tapered eyelet prevents line twist.


Castiac Swimbaits: Jerky J Swimbaits are the most realistic and best swimming boot tail swim baits out there. Hand crafted and available in many different colors, they are super soft, which allows for better swimming action, and they move with extreme realism.


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