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April 2016 Lucky Tackle Box - Fly Fishing Box

Umpqua www.umpqua.com

Parachute Cahill | Price: $4.60

Another classic parachute pattern, this fly does well to imitate lighter adult mayflies such as Pale Morning Duns, Light Cahills, and in bigger sizes Gray Drakes. The parachute on this fly makes it easier for the angler to track their fly as it drifts on the surface.


Umpqua www.umpqua.com

Tippet T | Price: $7.99

A simple and effective way to manage multiple tippet spools while on the water.


Umpqua www.umpqua.com

5X Nylon Tippet | Price: $4.99

With its low visibility olive tint, Umpqua’s co-polymer nylon tippet material is an almost flawless marriage of great tensile strength, elasticity, suppleness, and abrasion-resistance. The result is a tippet material of superior WET KNOT STRENGTH that remains supple enough to allow a fly to really “swim”. Matches perfectly with our Trout, Power Taper, and Bass/Panfish leaders.


Umpqua www.umpqua.com

Parachute Sulfur | Price: $4.60

The parachute Sulphur is meant to imitate the dun stage of the Sulphur mayfly. The Sulphur mayfly goes by many different names such as Sulphurs, Light Hendrickson, and Pale Evening Duns. The Sulphur mayflies are commonly found in the Eastern and Midwest parts of the US. They tend to hatch from Early May to mid-June.


Umpqua www.umpqua.com

Flashback Pheasant Tail 16 - 2pk | Price: $3.90

A variation of Frank Sawyers classic pheasant tail, the added flash on this fly represents the wing case of an emerging nymph. The flash back on this fly makes it stand out from the hundreds of other nymphs floating along in the current, and can act as a trigger for a trout to take the fly.



Umpqua www.umpqua.com 

UMPQUA Decal | Price: $1.00

A great way to show that you’re a fan of the world’s leading producer of quality hand-tied flies and fly fishing innovator over the past four decades.




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