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April 2016 Lucky Tackle Box - Inshore Saltwater Fishing Box

Yo-zuri www.yo-zuri.com

3DS Minnow | Price: $11.00

A tournament-level rip bait, the Yo-Zuri 3DS Series Minnow has a tight wobbling action when fished with a straight retrieve, and when fished in a twitch-pause-retrieve style, its flat sides help produce an erratic action that bass find irresistible. Internally embossed details on gills, fins and scales, create a strikingly realistic baitfish imitation.


Fin Tech www.jigfish.com

5” Pintails | Price: $7.82

Great for casting and Jigging. The top blade adds extra flash and sounds to provoke viscous strikes. Arguably, the world’s most versatile spoon, Fin-tech’s Title SHot Redfish Spoon features the patented Retainer/Guard System which allows you to fish totally weedless and snagless. The Title SHot Spoon surpasses other weedless spoons due to its versatility in rigging and retrieval speed. Great for casting and jigging, the Title Shot’s top blade adds extra flash and sounds.



Lunkerhunt www.lunkerhunt.com

Spud Spoons | Price: $5.99

The Spud is the ultimate jigging spoon. Balanced to perfection, the Spud is designed for peak performance. Multi-faceted surfaces reflect light and feathered trebles pulse as the Spud cuts through the water. You can mimic injured bait by pounding the bottom for a reaction strike, or lift and drop at different depths to catch feeding fish. The Spud calls them in and generates strikes no matter how the fish are biting.


V&M www.vanmbaits.com

Cajun Shrimp 8ct.| Price: $6.00

What makes this shrimp so irresistible is when this bait falls, the enticing pulsing legs wiggle. This bait resembles a real life shrimp so much even you might be fooled. The Cajun Shrimp is a realistic bait that will not only catch those monster trophy Yellow Mouth Trout, but any saltwater fish that finds this bait too real not to eat.


Mustad www.mustad-america.com

Light Wire Demon Perfect Circle Hooks| Price: $3.99

Demon perfect in line circle hook. Mustad’s Wire Technology And Nor-Tempering Process Means That Hooks Are Lighter And Up To 20% Stronger. UltraPoint Technology Means Sharp, Durable Hook Points That Resist Rolling And Stay Sharper Longer.


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