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April 2016 Lucky Tackle Box - Walleye Box

Bagley www.bagleybait.com

Deep Diving Shad | Price: $9.99

Fitted with an elongated round bill, the Bagley Deep Diving Shad delivers a super-wide, wobbling action that digs all the way down to the 14-foot range. Made from 100% premium balsa wood, the Bagley Deep Diving Shad is incredibly buoyant and creates a serious water displacement. Fitted with razor-sharp VMC round bend trebles, the Bagley Deep Diving Shad is the ultimate weapon for attracting denizens of the deep.


Sebile www.sebile.com

Swingtail Minnow Assorted | Price: $7.00

The Swingtail Minnow is a floating jointed minnow bait offered in three sizes and nine colors. Equipped with round bend black nickel hooks, and one internal free bead in the tail, this bait boast extreme cast ability and offers a loud knocking sound. Its elongated bill and jointed body work in unison to provide an ultra-slow to medium range of retrieval speeds. Ideal when fishing shallow water, jointed bits cause bass to react, especially when paused intermittently.


Apex www.matzuo.com

Weight Forward Walleye Spinnerbait | Price: $5.50 T

he Harness design is great for clear and deep-water fishing. When used for trolling the heavy weight on the front of the harness will get the lure down to where the fish are. It is excellent for the wind-drifting fisherman who knows where the big walleyes are. Let the lure sink to the bottom, and crank lure back 2 to 3 turns from the bottom. The weight forward harness gets the lure to the fish, with the wind and boat action doing the rest.


Creme www.cremelure.com

Walleye Rig | Price: $5.50

These baits work like a beacon to attract Walleye and are tied with fish attractant line.


Mustad www.mustad-americas.com

Slow Death Rig | Price: $4.99

The special kinked shank is what creates the slow corkscrew turning action that fish can’t resist. When threaded with half of a night crawler and trolled at slow speeds, the Slow Death Hook produces a wild action and reaches areas that blade presentations typically skip over. The bend in the hook shank has been tested and perfected so anyone can rig and fish Slow Death hooks effectively. See rigging/techniques video below. Mustad’s exclusive tempering process makes the hook up to 30% stronger than conventional tempering methods.


Mizmo Bait Co. www.mizmo.com 5”

Diamond Darters | Price: $3.29

The unique design on the body and tail cause this lure to dive, dart & roll, making it the most effective soft jerk bait available. Try it & you’ll see — fish can’t resist it.


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