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May 2016 Lucky Tackle Box - Trout Box


Fishing Physics www.fishingphysics.com

Salmon Eggs 6pk Price: $7.99

No more long hours spent curing. When our salmon eggs are submerged in water, amino acids from natural roe are released, provoking even the most wary salmonid. A mesh in the center keeps your bait on the hook longer, allowing for long casts and the ability to fish swift currents.

Chasing Trophy Fish www.chasingtrophyfish.com

3.5” Small Stickbait Price: $7.50

Jerkbait that dives 3 to 5 feet and features Chasing Trophy Fish’s “As Real as it Gets” process making the lures as lifelike as possible.

Z-Man www.zmanbaits.com

Slim Swimz Price: $3.99

This downsized ElaZtech swimbait delivers the incredible softness, swimming action, and 10X Tough durability of its larger brethren in a smaller package. 2.5” size is ideal for crappie and white bass, though this bait really shines when largemouth and smallmouth are keyed in on smaller forage.

Nothead Tackle www.notheadtackle.com

3” Spinmore Hammered Nickel Jigs MSRP: $2.50

Increase thump, flash, vibration with a Hammered Nickel Spinmore Jig. Well-balanced wire frame with closed coil line tie allows you to use snap-locks while the swivel works to eliminate line twist. Easy to attach and remove.

Stillhouse Tackle www.smallmouthsecrets.com

Micro Shad Price: $1.99

Fish them under a bobber or cast them and slow reel them back. Vertical jigging them is another our favorite ways to fish them. The soft, pliable body create a close imitation of the popular baitfish that no fish can refuse. Designed specifically for catching trout, crappie and bream.

Daiichi www.daiichihooks.com

Gold-Plated Salmon Egg Hooks Price: $1.99

Daiichi Salmon Egg Hooks were developed for fishing with bait, but are now also being used for artificial bait. Known as an egg hook, this style is generally used by trout and anglers using natural salmon eggs as bait. Today’s fly tiers create artificial egg patterns to simulate salmon eggs and many prefer this hook style because the up-eye does not close off the hook gape and the angle of pull enhances hook-ups


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