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May 2016 Lucky Tackle Box - BassXL Box

May 2016 BassXL Box

Olympic Tackle www.olympictackle.com

5” Multi-jointed Swimbait Price: $9.99

TIP: BRAND NEW FOR 2016!!! The Olympic Lures 5’ Jointed Swimbait is a unique, diving bait that has an incredibly life-like action! Big baits work well in lakes and ponds alike and will catch fish of all sizes. Work along docks, rock piles, near stumps or any other man-made structure with a steady retrieve. Perfect during the pre-spawn or near bedding fish during the spawn to catch those big, female bass!
Biwaa www.biwaa.com

Ultra Hog Price: $5.99

TIP: The Biwaa Ultra Hog is a sleekly designed creature bait that’s perfect for heavy cover. Try rigging it Texas-style with a “pegged” weight to slide into the deepest cover easily. A fantastic flipping and pitching bait. Work this bait right in the middle and edges of grass mats, hydrilla or any other vegetation that offers shade for bass to hide out.
Fishing Physics www.fishingphysics.com

Wacky Weedless Rig Price: $6.99

TIP: Fishing Physics worms are constructed from specially formulated hydrogels that are able to absorb fish-attracting solutions. Environmentally friendly, they last up to 4 hours of use without losing scent. Try rigging wacky-style with the hook through the center of the worm, to give the worm a “fluttering” action on the fall. A 6’9 – 7’2 spinning rod, spooled with 6-10 pound test is the
ideal set up for the wacky rig.
Surprise Bait!

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Just post a photo or short video clip with your surprise baits to our Facebook page with #SurpriseBait and you’ll be automatically entered to win!
Castaic www.castaicswimbait.com

Boyd Duckett Spinnerbait  Price: $7.99

TIP: Throw the BD spinnerbait on a 7’0 – 7’4 baitcasting rod with medium to medium-heavy action. Spool your reel with 12-17 pound mono or fluorocarbon. Cast your spinnerbait along weedlines, along docks, trees, bushes, stumps or any other structure that serves as an “ambush point” for waiting bass. Try a steady retrieve giving occasional “pops” to your rod tip or kill the bait as it passes by structure, letting it flutter down momentarily, before starting it up again.
Yo-Zuri www.yo-zuri.com

3DB Vibe Price: $9.99

TIP: Throw the Vibe on a 7’0 – 7’4 baitcasting rod with 10-14 flurocarbon or monofilament line. Try mixing up your retrieve between a steady retrieve, stop-and-go and a lift/drop technique. Many times one retrieve will work better than others. Throw the Vibe around man-made structure, along weedlines, flats or around rocks

Mustad www.mustad-americas.com
KVD Elite Triple Grip  Price: $4.99


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