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May 2016 Lucky Tackle Box - Inshore Saltwater Box

Inshore Saltwater May 2016

Sebile www.sebile.com

4” Swingtail Minnow Price: $8.00

The Swingtail Minnow is a floating jointed minnow bait offered in three sizes and nine colors. Ideal when fishing shallow water, jointed baits cause bass to react, especially when paused intermittently. Cast the bait and retrieve to desired depth pausing occasionally and allowing the bait to slowly float to the surface. Alter the pause time and retrieval speed to match the fish’s activity level.

Fishing Physics www.fishingphysics.com

3” Pinfish 2pk Price: $7.99

Thump. Thump. Thump. As the paddle tail pushes water back and forth during retrieve creating the perfect underwater storm, the line slackens, you reel down, set the hook and its game on!

Wake Fishing www.wakefishing.com

Jigwobbler Salt Price: $18.00

A new innovative hybrid lure with a novel and unique swimming action. It combines a medium fast sinking head part with a wobbler body. This action allows the lure to swim attractively while sinking and being retrieved. The swimming action is versatile and can be modified easily according to changing conditions. WAKE JigWobbler can be used to fish from top to bottom depending on how it is reeled in. Effective also in trolling. JigWobbler - Salt Water is family's toughest guy who
tolerates very fast retrieving.
V&M www.vandmbaits.com

Twin Tail Grub Price: $4.99

The V&M Twin Tail Grub is full of fluttering action that makes big bass go crazy, no matter how it’s fished. Whether you’re using it as a trailer on your football jigs, spinnerbaits, or chatterbaits, the V&M Twin Tail Grub is packed with the perfect balance of salt and scent to put bass in the boat - period. The V&M Twin Tail Grub also features a meaty, round ribbed body that makes it easy to rig and won’t slip down the hook shank. Available in a number of tournament-proven colors, the V&M
Twin Tail Grub is built by anglers, for anglers, with an unwavering commitment to quality.
Mustad www.mustad-americas.com
HOODLUM®: 4x bait Price: $2.99


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