May 2016 Lucky Tackle Box - Walleye Fishing Box


Slim Swimz Price: $4.49

This downsized ElaZtech swimbait delivers the incredible softness, swimming action, and 10X Tough durability of its larger brethren in a smaller package. Excellent solo saltwater swimbait whenever gamefish are feeding on glass minnows and silversides, or a great trailer to give the BTB FlatZ Jig an extra kick when targeting wary seatrout and redfish in skinny water.

3DB Shad Prism Price: $9.00

The Yo-Zuri 3DB Series Shad presents bass with a highly reflective flash and a look that is unlike anything they have ever seen. Utilizing the latest in Yo-Zuri’s exclusive technologies, the Yo-Zuri 3DB Series Shad Features an internal 3D prism construction that sends out flashes of reflected light in all directions.
Chasing Trophy Fish

3.5” Small Stickbait Price: $7.50

Jerkbait that dives 3 to 5 feet and features Chasing Trophy Fish’s “As Real as it Gets” process making the lures as lifelike as possible.

Fishing Physics

3” Swimbait 4pk.  Price: $5.99

Our paddle tail swim baits shine in both fresh and marine environments for just about every species of fish that swims. Use a straight retrieve and let the bait work for you or use a subtle “lift and fall” technique to mimic a dying baitfish. During your retreive you can literally feel the “thump thump thump” of the paddle tail as it pushes water back and forth, creating the perfect underwater storm. Swimbaits draw fish from the depths and when they come to investigate; their visual and olfactory senses take over. The line slackens, you reel down, set the hook and its
game on.
Nothead Tackle

3” grub 10ct. Price: $2.49

A favorite when swimming grubs for Smallmouth & Spotted Bass, or when tipping spinnerbaits & spoons for Largemouth! You will find them to be super soft, full of action and available in proven colors to catch Bass, Walleye and virtually all gamefish that eat!
Sproat Hook Price: $1.89


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