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June 2015 Lucky Tackle Box - Bass Fishing

The June 2015 Lucky Tackle Box focused on giving all of our subscribers amazing baits from some of the best brands out there... the water is warm and the action is hot so we needed to give you guys as much value as we could so you're at the top of your game!
This month, we've delivered a box to you worth $27.45.
The June box included the following...

  • Backstabber Lures Square Bill Crankbait (msrp: $8.99)
    • Features a unique design with a hook extending from the back of the bait as opposed to the belly, the Backstabber Square-Bill Crankbait repels snags better than conventional lures. Specially tuned and weighted to accommodate the top hook and swim true, this hook configuration also hooks fish in the top lip - greatly increasing your odds of landing those larger fish.
  • Castaic Swimbaits Jerky J (msrp: $5.99)
    • The boot tailed Castaic Jerky J Swim Series Swimbaits are some of the most realistic soft plastic swimbaits on the market today. Each bait is hand painted, offering an uncanny resemblance to one of bass' favorite forages. Perfect for rigging on a darter head, or umbrella rig. The Castaic Jerky J Swim Series Swimbaits - tie one on and get bit.
  • Vicious Fishing Crankbait (msrp: $3.99)
    • Vicious Crankbaits feature a non-tangling design that places the hook hangers in precisely the correct position to eliminate fouling and promote better hook sets. On the inside, the Vicious Crankbaits are equipped with an enhanced sound chamber that grabs bass' attention with a loud underwater acoustic.
  • Reaction Strike Fathead Jr.(msrp: $5.49)
    • A split bodied/tube style paddle tail bait!!! This bait is made of incredibly soft, but strong plastic. Patterns are painted below a layer of clear soft plastic.
  • Z-Man Pack of Soft Plastics (msrp: 3.99)
    • ElaZtech is a remarkable material that is soft and pliable, and as much as 10X tougher than other traditional soft plastic baits. ElaZtech resists nicks, cuts, and tears better than traditional soft plastic baits.
  • Mustad Hooks (msrp: $3.99)
    • Mustad Hooks deliver the ideal balance of hooking and holding power. The unique shape of the hook is intended to "lock" the fish into the elbow bend, making it harder for the fish to throw the lure.
  • 5-Hour Energy Energy Drink (Free Bonus Item)
  • Big Bass Monthly Issue 009


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