August 2015 Lucky Tackle Box - Inshore Saltwater Box

Fishbelly Helix Ninja Buzzbait - The Fishbelly Helix Ninja is a super charged Helix Buzz with highly tuned color blade. Each Fishbelly Helix Ninja is fitted with a colored hook from Gamakatsu. Like the Helix Buzz, it generates the right action in propelling the lure up the surface to attract more strike. The patented blade, lifts the bait when the blade begins to spin. With this blade, the angler can cast farther with accuracy even with the wind blowing without fear. This patented design is far superior than your typical buzz bait. The head is molded sideways and has 3D eyes to help attract more fish.

Game On! Casting JigJigJag Series casting jig is designed to be fished from a boat or from the shore.  JigJag Series casting jig is available different colors to mimic different types of baitfish and has a lead core with a polymer shell.

Sebile Star Shiner Ideal for getting less aggressive fish to bite, deflect it off of cover or work it with a strong jerking motion. The Sebile Action First Star Shiner Medium Diver delivers a tight wiggling action that forces bass to strike on pure reflex. The Sebile Action First Star Shiner Medium Diver is also designed with a large single bead that increases casting distances and produces a loud knocking sound as it moves through the water. Effective for targeting a wide-range of species, the Sebile Action Frist Star Shiner Medium Diver is sure to “out-shine” the competition.

Mustad Hooks - World's #1 Selling Hook

Egret Baits Wedgetail - Fish weightless with a swimbait hook (6/0 or 7/0) for best results. The “slow sink” kicking action will hammer Trout or Reds. You can also rig it with a jig head 1/4 or 1/8 oz. Make sure the jig has a wide gap sharp hook.


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