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September 2015 Lucky Tackle Box - Bass Box

Livingston Lures Dive Master 14: Bursting with technologically advanced features, the Dive Master 14 generates a cutting-edge presentation that sets itself apart from all of the other medium-diving crankbaits. Designed with red, illuminated eyes, the Livingston Lures Dive Master 14 creates a brightly lit presentation that attracts fish incredibly well in low light and cloudy water conditions.

Buddha Bait Co. Snooze Alarm Buzz Bait: Give bass a wake up call with the unique clacking agitation of the Buddha Baits Buzzbaits. Made using tin instead of lead, the Buddha Baits Buzzbaits emit a distinct clacking tone as the premium prop blade spins and ticks against the head. This unmistakeable acoustic footprint grabs bass' attention and incites aggressive blow-ups. 

Mizmo Baits 4" Tubes: Whether you are sight fishing for bedding fish, swimming the Tube on a jig head or flipping for that kicker. The Mizmo Tube is one bait you need to add to your arsenal.

Kicker Fish Bait Assorted Soft Plastics: Whether you're fishing a worm, lizard or soft plastic bottom bait, matching your set up to the conditions are key. The possibilities are endless with Kicker Fish Baits ability to match the baitfish ass prey upon.

Mustad KVD Grip-Pin Edge HookDeveloped by legendary professional bass angler, Kevin VanDam, the Mustad KVD Grip Pin Soft Plastic Hook features Mustad’s Big Mouth Tube hook design with a new plastic keeper molded around the hook shank to firmly secure your soft plastic baits. 

BassXL Strike Pro Flex PhantomStrike Pro America has reinvented itself with a flood of new lure styles, and the Flex Phantom is their new-fangled swimbait offering. Does the company have what takes to break into the red hot swimbait market? The Flex Phantom looks like a cross between a swimbait and a crankbait, and makes use of an exclusive multi-jointed tail section to generate a slinking side to side tail action quite unlike any other.


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