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September 2015 Lucky Tackle Box - Panfish Box

Road Runner Natural Science:  Unique blade position doesn't interfere with hook-ups and makes the lure easier for fish to see.

Johnson Crappie Buster Spin 'R Grub:  Crappie Buster Spin'R Grubs are all about action, found in the whipping tail of the grub or the vibratory spin of the blade. Spin'R Grubs can be used for all crappie fishing techniques; slow trolling (spider rigging), cast and retrieve and even long line trolling!

Bonehead Tackle Slim Sticks:  The BoneHead Tackle Slim Stick is an outstanding simple, but proven design. The Slim Stick has a baitfish style profile and long pointed tail that quivers at the slightest movement of your rod. This is a bait that crappie can’t refuse.

Johnson Beetle Spin:  There have been many imitations over the years, but none have ever matched the action and simplicity of Johnson®'s Original Beetle Spin®. After 48 years of fishing and millions of fish, we know what works! The bright, matching "safety-pin" spinner is easy to remove when you want a plain jig for deep-water presentations. Available with silver or gold blade spinner.

Bonehead Tackle Stump Bug:  The Bonehead Tackle Stump Bug takes crappie fishing to a whole new level.  The unique high-action curved legs and the tube shaped body will produce an enticing action that crappie can not refuse. Rig with your favorite jighead and put more crappie on the table.

Lake Fork LFT Baby Shad:  The newest addition to our well known swimbait family of lures is the new “LIVEBABY SHAD. This 2 1/4" micro swimbait is destined to be a classic. Its unique patent-pending design provides tremendous action from its combination of “swim slots” and a pintail to entice all types of gamefish, including largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, crappie and bream. We offer over 35 colors for success in all types of waters.

Crappie Zilla Willows:  2 inch crappie catching bait. Jig it below a bobber, spider rig it with minnows, or bump some brush in deep water.

Mustad Panfish Jig Heads:  Mustad's Special Crappie Jigheads


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