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December 2015 Lucky Tackle Box - Bass Box

Luck-E-Strike Rick Clunn Series Crankbait
Pro Tip: Designed by one the world’s greatest bass anglers, Rick Clunn, the RC Series of cranbaits are defined by their precision. Depending on how you want your crankbait to run, throw your RC Series bait on a 7’0-7’6 medium crankbait rod with a fast-action tip, spooled with 10-
15 pound fluorocarbon line. The lighter the line, the deeper it goes. Keep this bait on the bott
om, bumping into rocks, stumps or other structure. Fish along points, rip-rap, docks, outside weedlines or any man-made structure with a steady retrieve.
Cabin Creek Baits Spider Parts & Spider Head
Pro Tip: The ultimate in finesse presentations, the Cabin Creek Spider Parts and Spider Head combo is PERFECT for late fall and early winter. This pack comes with a twin-tail grub and separate skirt-like tentacles to allow versatility in rigging. Pair these with the Spider Head and rig up on a 6’8- 7’2 medium to medium-light spinning rod, with 6-10 pound fluorocarbon line. Work this bait slowly along the bottom in small hops or swim it back pausing occasionally, letting it fall
on slack line.
V&M Baits Pacemaker Football Jig
Pro Tip: The 2013 Bassmaster Classic Champion, Cliff Pace, designed his own line of to
urnament proven jigs to help anglers catch more fish. Throw the Flatline Football Jig on
a 7’0-7’4 medium-heavy baitcasting rod spooled up with 12-17 pound fluorocarbon line.
Try fishing near rocky points, humps, brush piles and underwater structure. After casting out, slowly drag the jig, maintaining contact with the bottom or use small hops to mimic a fleeing crawdad. Sometimes bites will just feel heavy, like you’re snagged on something. When in doubt, set the hook!
Z-Man Fishing Hula StickZ
Pro Tip: The Hula StickZ from Z-Man are one of the most unique soft plastic bai
ts on the market, made with super durable ElazTech plastic that will last much longer than ot
her similar baits. With a traditional stickbait body and multiple tentacles on the tail, this bait has a ki
ller fish-catching action. The Hula StickZ are excellent when fished on a Texas-rig or on a small jig-head, keeping the bait on the bottom on light 6-8 pound test line. Give it small 2-4 inch hops to best mimic natural forage.


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