December Lucky Tackle Box - Inshore Box

Gibbs Lures Pencil Popper ½ oz.
Description: Sleek, Tapered design with tail weight simulates many forms of forage fish.

Bagley Baits Finger Mullet Jumping
Description: Cast way out and retrieve this floater in a classic walk-the-dog pattern on the surface. Side to side, slow surface action of the hardwood draws savage strikes from saltwater gamefish. hooks

Bonehead Tackle Shad 4”
Description:  This swimbait perfectly imitates a swimming shad who is one of the preferred baitfish of predatory species in inshore or brackish waters. This shad body bait is great for catching snook, redfish, and drum.

Wake Fishing Jigwobbler Salt
Description: Jigwobbler combines best sides of softbait and wobbler. Weighted head makes it possible to fish in desired depth, from near surface to bottom. Freely moving tail gives Jigwobbler lurelike attractive action, even when sinking. From our selection you will find suitable Jigwobblers for fishing from small streams to great oceans

Mustad Hooks Classic Black Nickel Octopus
Description: Chemically sharpened, nor-tempered, in line and wide gap, opt-angle needle point, tapered up turned eye, ringed, black nickel finish.

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