December 2015 Lucky Tackle Box - Panfish Box

Rat-L-Trap Tiny Trap, 1/8 oz.
Description:   Dropping temps make these lures great choices-as fish’s metabolism slows down a bite-size meal become more tempting.  

Rat-L-Trap Rocket Bobber 
Description: Ultralight, long flying aero-dynamic design improves accuracy. Ultra-sensitive design for easily detecting the lightest bites. Sonic-welded halves deliver maximum strength. Built-in hook remover.

Gapen Crappie Monkey 2pk Scented
Description: Heads made of tin, scented with anise oil. 

Luck-E-Strike Panfish Soft Plastics
Description:  Specifically designed to attract all types of panfish. Perfect for bluegil, crappie and perch!

Johnson Beetle Shads (2 inch)
Description: Popular vibrating tail design proven to be effective catching crappie and other panfish. New package provides tips and rigging recommendations. 

Z-Man Fishing Chatterbait Flashback Mini 1/8 oz.
Description: On the retrieve, these baits feature an exaggerated side-to-side motion and distinctive vibration that gamefish just can't resist. Includes a multi-hue holographic flash with a unique hex-shaped ChatterBlade.

Mustad Hooks Superior Aberdeen Hook
Description: Haul in fish with this straight shank hook… with ringed eyes to easily secure line.

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