February 2016 Lucky Tackle Box - Bass Box

February 2016 Bass Lucky Tackle Box

Castaic Baits  Boyd Duckett BD Series Topwater

TIP: The Boyd Duckett designed BDT Topwater combines the “walk-the-dog” action of a pencil-style bait and the surface disturbing gurgle of a popping bait. Throw on a 6’8 – 7’3 medium rod with a fast action tip, spooled with 12-15 pound monofilament or 30-50 pound braid. For the right action, point your rod tip at the water and give intermittent jerks on a semi-slack line. 

Net Bait  Paca Craw

TIP: Perfect as a jig trailer, Texas-rigged or on a jighead, the claws helicopter down in an enticing action, that slows the fall of the bait. Try throwing around weedlines, pads or along docks and other structure. Work in slow hops, keeping contact with the bottom.

Outkast Fishing Tackle  401 Kraw Jig

TIP: Designed by FLW Pro, Troy Morrow, the 401Kraw Jig hunts through the rocks and gravel deflecting off any cover that dares to get in its path. With a unique head that mimics a crawfish tail, this jighead is perfect for any craw-style soft plastics. Work the bait in 2-4 inch hops on the bottom, pausing intermittently to mimic a crawdad on the bottom. 

Fishhound  Lipless Crankbait

TIP: This sinking, rattling crankbait is designed to work in all water columns.. Burn-it fast, just under the surface to entice aggressive fish or bass sitting in submerged weeds. Yo-yo the bait by letting it fall almost to the bottom and jerking it quickly toward the surface or “stop-and-go” retrieve by reeling quickly, pausing and then reeling quickly again. 

Mustad Hooks  Elite Treble Hooks

TIP: Ask any top professional and they will tell you that it is essential to change out “stock” out of the package treble hooks, with high-quality ones. The Mustad Short Shank Treble Hooks are built to handle the biggest fish and toughest fights! The unique bend of the hook is intended to “lock” the fish into the elbow, making it harder for the fish to throw it.



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