February 2016 Lucky Tackle Box - Ice Fishing Box

Rapala Jigging Rap

When you’re stalking suspended game fish under the ice or in open water, the lure you want on the end of your line is one from Rapala’s Jigging Rap series. The Jigging Rap lures have a pronounced movement on both the rise and fall, with a strike triggering, slow circle down action. Long known for its ice fishing prowess, the Jigging Rap series is also becoming a staple in open water too. 


Johnson Fishing Shutter Spoon 3/4

The Johnson Shutter Spoon is a popular shape, anglers recognize and understand how to fish this erratic spoon. The Shutter Spoon comes with a black nickel swivel and hook designed to catch fish in all waters.


Lindy Darter 

The Lindy Darter has a premium holographic finish and a loud rattle chamber to call in fish from long distances. Add irresistible action and the perfect weight balance and let the fish decide. 


Magic Products Inc. Emerald Shiners 

Magic Products Preserved Emerald Shiners are real emerald shiner minnows preserved with natural color and anise scent. These baits are great for trout, panfish, bass, walleye and many other predatory gamefish. Each package features a resealable pouch for freshness and requires no refrigeration.


VMC Tear Drop Jig

Whether you choose to drop an ultraviolet, natural, or holographic finish into the water, no fish can resist the unique wide profile of the Tear Drop Jig. Its shape mimics fingerling-sized baitfish, a food source that active predators seek out at all times of the year. Works perfectly when fished with a float, dead stick or tip-up. Ultra Glow pigments last up to 15 minutes. 


Mustad® Classic Black Nickel Ice Fishing Treble Hooks

Opti-Angle Needle Point, chemically sharpened, Nor-Tempered, two extra short shank, extra strong, special wide bend, ringed. 


Crappie Zilla Willows 

The Willow is a 2” crappie catching bait. You can jug it below a bobber, spider rig it with minnows, or bump some brush in deep water. The Willow comes in many different colors so that you can always match the hatch and keep crappie interested. 


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