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February 2016 Lucky Tackle Box - Inshore Saltwater Box

Strike Pro 
Flex X

The Flex X uses the same patented “bike chain” joint system as the Flex Phantom to give this lure a very realistic swimming motion. Because of its minnow shape and wide selection of colors, the Flex X is the most versatile hard plastic lure on the market. Comes equipped with corrosion resistant VMC hooks so it can be fished for just about any inshore saltwater of freshwater species. 


Reaction Strike Split Tail Jr. 

This bait is hollow inside, creating a much slower fall if fished with an unweighted hook. The real power of the bait is the ability to add lead in the hollow cavity. You can add a rattle too, if conditions dictate. We even have Pros adding scent, and another uses foam to enclose the cavity creating a waking jerkbait. 


Biwaa Scorpitail 5” 

Scorpion finesse tail is a new design jerkbait. Is has 3 actions never seen before. Loved by both fish and anglers, it really makes a difference when fishing pressured fish or during tournaments. Scorpitail works well whether using steady retrieve, vertical jigging or jerking techniques. 


Mustad Misc. Saltwater Hooks 

The Mustad Saltwater Hook still stands alone as the preferred design for bend back streamers and other saltwater baitfish patterns. Unlike most saltwater tying hooks, the mid-temper hardening allows the shank to be bent slightly for custom fly designs. Chemically sharpened points are wicked, right out of the box. 


Z Man Scented ShrimpZ™

Perfectly mimicking a live shrimp’s look and action thanks to its realistic, upright presentation, Scented ShrimpZ are deadly when slowly retrieved, twitched, hopped along the bottom, or even dead sticked. Unlike other shrimp imitations, the 10X Tough ElaZtech® construction holds up to constant abuse from pesky bait-stealers, allowing you to spend more time fishing and less time re-baiting! 


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