February 2016 Lucky Tackle Box: Walleye Box

Kiko Fishing Reel Keel

The Reel Keel is the only lure out there with an embedded keel that will prevent the lure from spinning. Hand-crafted in Canada with parts provided from America the Reel Keel lure is like no other lure and is truly a North American Product. The simple truth is that the Reel Keel is the most unique and versatile lure ever designed. 


Lunkerhunt Hatch Natural

The Hatch Natural is a fast sinking bait that excels in heavy current, deep water, when fish are suspended and when long casts are required. The Hatch Natural has a subtle swimming action and an equally subtle presentation that generate strikes. When they do, two sticky strong treble hooks will help you land the fish. 


Vicious VW Crankbait Series

The Vicious VW Crankbait Series is available in 1.75 inches and 2 inches. Both models are floating and utilize the original, winning Vicious design and rattle. Offering the side-to-side wiggling action that anglers and fish love, the external scale patterns and holographic eyes offer additional realism. Utilizing only the finest componentry, this bait will earn a spot in the front of your tackle box.


Mustad® Super Death Hooks 

Mustad’s Super Death hook is the 2nd generation of their very successful Slow Death hook. The large bend of the Super Death hook adds even more action to your crawler. Walleye pros use this hook with plastic baits and full live nightcrawlers. Rig these on a leader with a good quality swivel or line twist will result. Microsharp 4.3 point technology stays sharper longer. Micro barbs on shank hold crawler in place. Black nickel finish. 


Stoppers Walleye Lead Head

Jig up deep water summer walleye and pair up your favorite soft plastic grub or live bait with these durable jig heads. Hop this jig head up and down while making direct contact with the bottom to stir sediments and draw the fish in.


Cabin Creek Bait Co. Saturn IV Worm

With wide ribs and an action packed tail, this finesse plastic is great for finicky walleye. 

Lucky Tackle Box Coozie | BONUS GIFT 


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