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February 2016 Lucky Tackle Box: Fly Fishing Box

Umpqua www.umpqua.com 
“Dream Stream 5” Straight Spring Creek Clamp | Price: $10.99 
Curved-jawed clamps seem to make everything easier. Half-serrated, half-smooth jaws clamp with a hook eye cleaner make this a great all-around clamp. 


Umpqua www.umpqua.com 

9’ 5X Power Taper Leader | Price: $4.99 
Keep the power where you need it with a long untapered butt section and a short, very aggressive taper down to tippet. Power Tapers are THE leader for fishing Hopper-Copper-Dropper rigs and are turn-over dream leaders for beginning casters. It’s no big surprise these are guides’ favorites. 


Umpqua www.umpqua.com 

Tungsten Zebra Midge Red18
The zebra midge is a great still water fly pattern where chironomids are present. Chironomids can represent a significant portion of the trout’s diet in still water. 2 pack.
Umpqua www.umpqua.com 
Sparkle Wing RS2 Gray 20 
You should always have the Umpqua Sparkle Wing RS2 in your flybox! This skillfully hand tied fly is constructed of the very best materials available to improve your enjoyment of fly fishing. 2 pack. 


Umpqua www.umpqua.com 

RS-2 Emerger Dun 20 
An essential tail water fly pattern and a killer emerger. But it shouldn’t be treated as a traditional emerger. Fish it as a nymph for best results. Present at the holding level of the fish underwater, instead of a traditional emerger presentation. 2 pack. 


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