August Lucky Tackle Box - Bass Box

TIP: This incredible triple-segmented swimbait is designed to mimic the multiple shad species found in lakes across the country. Throw the BD Shad on a 7’3-7’6 medium-heavy rod with a fast- action tip on 14-17 pound mono or fluorocarbon. Vary your retrieve until you find out what the fish like. The BD Shad has great action on a slow, steady retrieve and is designed to randomly dart to the left or the right when you twitch the rod, enticing strikes from followers.
Tubby Tube 4” 5ct. | Price: $3.99
TIP: Try rigging on a 3/0 offset worm hook for flipping or pitching, on 10-14 pound test with a 1/4 – 3/8 ounce bullet weight. Weedless presentation will allow you to get right in the heaviest cover, including weed lines, hyacinth or anywhere bass bury deep in cover.
TIP: Very versatile, the Buoy Worms can be rigged for multiple presentations including shaky heads, drop shot and split shot set-ups. Remember the lighter the line and the slower the presentation, typically will equal the most number of bites. Small 2-4 inch hops on the bottom, followed by long pauses or “dead sticking” can be the key to loading the boat.
Chasing Trophy Fish
EOC 3.5” Stick Bait | Price: $7.50
TIP: The sleekly designed EOC 3.5’ Stickbait is designed to dive 4-6 feet and can mimic multiple species of small baitfish including shiners, trout and shad. Fish the EOC on a 6’9-7’0 spinning or baitcasting rod with 8-10 pound fluorocarbon line to ensure maximum depth. Cast out and retrieve in small jerks and pauses, rod pointing at the water leaving a small amount of slack in the line to maintain the baits erratic action.


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