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  • August Lucky Tackle Box - Fly Fishing Box

    All contents of our Fly Fishing Lucky Tackle Box are provided by Umpqua Feather Merchants. 

    From the beginning, the quantity of flies produced was secondary to the quality and excellence of each fly pattern. These high standards were assured by the personal involvement of the fly designers themselves, and by the ever-increasing skill, imagination and creativity of the Umpqua production fly tiers. Today, you will find no flies more skillfully tied than those available from Umpqua Feather Merchants!

    Umpqua www.umpqua.com
    Hopper Tapers 7.5’ 3x | Price: $3.00
    Umpqua’s nylon tapers are precision extruded from the same co-
    polymers as Umpqua Nylon Tippet and are manufactured in the most
    technologically advanced factories in the world with the most stringent
    quality controls. Olive-tinted for low visibility, these taper designs are
    unique and exclusive to Umpqua. Whether dead-drifting small dries or
    splashing big hoppers at the bank, Umpqua has just the perfect leader
    for the task. All leaders are knotless and include looped butt sections.
    Use with Umpqua Nylon Tippet or SuperFluoro™ fluorocarbon.

    Umpqua www.umpqua.com
    Hooks 50pk | Price: $3.82
    U-series hooks feature high grade carbon steel, chemically sharpened
    points, micro barbs for easy penetration and easy de-barbing, along
    with a logical numbering system for hook use identification. The U001
    is a dry fly hook featuring standard gauge wire, a down turned eye and
    standard length shank.
    Fly Patch Foam ZS | Price: $5.99
    The same handy foam fly patch from Umpqua’s new Zero Sweep™ packs
    and bags. Comes with carabineer and velcro attachments.
    Chubby Chernobyl | Price: $2.60
    The Umpqua Chubby Chernobyl is a good all-around foam-bodied
    attractor that imitates many bugs, including hoppers and stoneflies. Try
    using it as the searcher pattern on a dropper rig.
    Flashback PT Tungsten 2pk | Price: $2.60
    A variation of Frank Sawyers classic pheasant tail, the added flash on this
    fly represents the wing case of an emerging nymph. The flash back on
    this fly makes it stand out from the hundreds of other nymphs floating
    along in the current, and can act as a trigger for a trout to take the fly.
    Juju Baetis - Charlie Craven | Price: $2.90
    Nymph fishing is an extremely effective way to fish. These flies are fished
    below the water surface traditionally as “dropper” below a dry fly or
    independently fished under a strike indicator. In order to get these flies
    down to the fish the aid of a weight or split shot can help.

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