August Lucky Tackle Box - Inshore Saltwater Box


LIVETARGET www.livetargetlures.com
Hybrid Srimp | Price: $13.99
The LIVETARGET Shrimp Hybrid is built to take the proven shrimp formula to all-new heights. Blurring the line between hard-lure and soft-lure, the LIVETARGET Shrimp Hybrid creates a lifelike presentation with its hard exterior and super-soft legs that wiggle and vibrate on the retrieve. 
Reaction Strike www.reactionstrike.com
Diet Jerk 4.5” | Price: $6.99
This deadly bait is sweeping the Gulf Coast and ravaging redfish along the way. So effective, it should be outlawed in all 50 states! Colors are stunning, and the action of this lure has to be seen to be believed.
Castaic www.castaicswimbait.com
Jerky J Eel | Price: $6.99
The Jerky J Eel represents the next evolution of ultra-realistic soft plastic lures. Castaic was the first company to create perfect representations of trout, bass and bluegills, so naturally we decided it was time to do the same with an eel. The Jerky J Eel is a bait that looks and feels just like a freshwater and saltwater eel. This bait is deadly and has accounted for numerous large striped bass and European Sea Bass.
Matrix Shad www.matrixshad.com
Matrix Shad | Price: $3.99
This 3” saltwater swimbait sports a paddle tail that perfectly imitates young prey, proving irresistible to redfish, speckled trout and other game fish. Ideal for use on a jig or trailer. Wide selection of colors for clear or stained water.
Mustad www.mustad-fishing.com
2X Strong Octopus Hook- Ultra Point | Price: $3.99


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