August Lucky Tackle Box - Trout Box

Dace Jerkbait | Price: $13.49
The LIVETARGET Dace Jerkbait replicates the look and movement of a dace to a T, tempting a number of predators, like trout, walleye, and especially bass. Fitted with a high-impact polycarbonate lip, the LIVETARGET Dace Jerkbait fools hungry predators with a tight wiggle and a slow-sinking presentation that is too good to pass-up.
Thinfisher | Price: $3.49
Think thin! The Johnson® Thinfisher™ is one fine, versatile spoon, offering a natural vibrating action on the retrieve plus a built-in sonic chamber that predators just can’t seem to ignore. Jig the blade vertically and allow it to swim back down through the strike zone, keeping a firm grip on your rod
handle. The spoon comes with two black nickel treble hooks and snap.
Twisted Poly Cord Stringer | Price: $3.00
A monument to simplicity, Lindy Poly Cord Stringer is the classic 6-foot cord stringer. The Poly Cord resists rot and is easy to use. Plus, you can depend on it to hold gamefish secure.
Fish ‘N Foam Pear Floats 2ct. | Price: $3.00
Thill Fish ’N Foam Pear/Oval Floats are classic foam bobbers designed for today’s fisherman. Available in weighted and unweighted versions, as well as with spring, clip and slip float styles.
Sliced Shank Beak Hook | Price: $2.50
Make the catch with Mustad Sliced Shank Hooks. These hooks are great for use with cut bait. Bait- holder barbs cut along the shank and help hold soft bait in place. The long shank protects leaders from toothy fish and makes hook removal easier.
Assorted Bait | Price: $2.49


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