August Lucky Tackle Box - Walleye Box

Castaic www.castaicswimbait.com
Jerky J Kickers | Price: $6.99
These baits can be fished like a traditional swimbait, but they also provide the ability to fish them very fast or very slow because the slightest movement makes the tail dance in the water.
LIVETARGET www.livetarget.com
Yellow Perch Jerk Bait | Price: $12.99
The LIVETARGET Yellow Perch is designed to mimic a fleeing perch with the same moderate wiggle swimming action, pulse and vibration as found in nature. If the Yellow Perch’s true-to-life swimming action doesn’t trigger fish to target in and drop the hammer, the realistic markings, scale patterns, gill plate and eyes certainly will.
Egret www.egretbaits.com
3.5” Wedgetail | Price: $4.49
The Wedgetail’s patented shape mimics the mullet perfectly. Trout, reds, snook, flounder eat small mullet. The famous Wedgetail kick swims through the water with the most natural action of any lure out there. Best on a 1/8 or 1/4 oz jig for shallow and 1/2 for deep.
Apex Tackle www.matzuo.com
Walleye A Plug | Price: $2.20
The Apex Tackle Walleye A Plug Rig Is A Deadly Combination Of A Crawler Harness And A Crankbait Two Great Baits For Targeting Walleye When Trolling. The Floating Wobbling Plug On These Lures Gives The Swimming Action Of A Crankbait To Attract Fish From A Distance While The Crawler
Harness Accepts Live-Bait For A Natural Presentation.
Johnson www.johnsonfishing.com
Thinfisher | Price: $3.49
Think thin! The Johnson® Thinfisher™ is one fine, versatile spoon, offering a natural vibrating action on the retrieve plus a built-in sonic chamber that predators just can’t seem to ignore. Jig the blade vertically and allow it to swim back down through the strike zone, keeping a firm grip on your rod handle. The spoon comes with two black nickel treble hooks and snap.
Mustad www.mustad-americas.com
Elite Round Bend Treble Hook | Price: $3.99


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