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    inside your lucky tackle bass box

    MONSTERBASS - Slim Jim 110 - 11.99

    Castable for a country mile, this jerkbait features anatomically accurate, lifelike designs and 3 razor sharp Japanese hooks. This bait's unique shape, sound and movement allow for more head first strikes than traditional rip baits and the front-loaded red treble hooks ensure a more solid hook set. 


    Riot Baits - New Relic - 5.99

    Fitted with multi-pronged, articulated claws, the Riot Baits Relic boasts a proprietary Alternate Ridge Design coupled with inner-claw flanges that produce a constant churning action.

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    Strike King - Ocho - 3.99

    Rigged weightless and pitched around cover or rigged on a Carolina rig and pulled through the depths of the strike zone, the Ocho is sure to bring incredible action.

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    V&M Baits - 4.5” Hightail Shad Swimbait - 5.69

    The Hightail Shad’s super slim profile also helps it produce its lifelike swimming action, and not just a standard swimbait tail kick.

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    Mustad Weedless Worm Hook - $2.99

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