January 2017 Lucky Tackle Box - Bass Box

This month's Bass Box had over $30 worth of baits inside!

Here's what we included:


Throwback Lures - Waggin’ Shad - $9.99

TIP: These baits are a great choice for cold water because they can be fished fast or
slow. You can catch fish by just casting and retrieving. But you’ll do much better by working the bait with long pauses and finding a cadence that the fish want. In cold water that means slow, slower and slowest.


Biwaa - TailGunR - $5.99 (NEW FOR 2017!)

TIP: The cold winter months are our favorite times to use swimbaits. Go to the main
lake, near the river channel, find a hump, point or rock pile, and you will be hitting the key targets. Back way off and fan cast to each side of the points, counting down the bait until you reach the desired depth.

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Strike King - Rage Craw -

TIP: The baby craw is perfect by itself on a shaky head, or added to a finesse jig. The standard Rage Craw is a go-to jig trailer for all your jigs, year round. It’s also excellent Texas rigged as a flippin’ and pitchin’ bait. Most bites occur on the fall, so be ready to set the hook!

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Castaic Baits - Spoon -
$4.99 (NEW COLOR FOR 2017)

During cold-water periods, position your boat on a drop-off or at the deep edge of a flat. Cast the spoon toward the outside edge of weed growth where the vegetation is beginning to thin. Target depths from 7- to 22-feet, working the spoon back to the boat with a lift-drop retrieve.

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Mustad - Grip Pin Edge Flippin - $4.99

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