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July 2016 Lucky Tackle Box -Walleye

Walleye 2016 Lucky Tackle Box
Rapala www.rapala.com - Shad Rap
Price: $6.99 - The benchmark other crankbaits are measured by, the Shad Rap® closely resembles baitfish found the world over. Constructed of premium balsa, it is equally effective cast or trolled, performing from ultra-slow presentations to super fast without fail. Its precise action, detailed finish and proven fish-catching patterns make this a “must-have” bait for all anglers.
Lunkerhunt - www.lunkerhunt.com - Fillet
Price: $7.99 - Bang it, burn it, or bounce it, the Lunkerhunt Fillet Lipless Crankbait delivers a look, sound, and action that grabs bass’ attention in a wide-range of scenarios. Designed with a precisely-tuned, nose down attitude, the Lunkerhunt Fillet Lipless Crankbait maintains a natural foraging position, which is especially appetizing when it’s paused or hopped along the bottom.
Fishbelly www.fishbelly.com - Bushido Shad 5” 5ct.
Price: $4.99 - The 5” Bushido Shad is hottest soft plastic lure on the market. This is a hand-pour soft bait with unbelievable color and action. They excel rigged weightless and buzzed across or near the surface, but they also can be fished on jig heads or swimbait hooks for deeper fishing.
Northland www.northlandtackle.com - Impulse Rigged Jumbo Leech
Price: $4.49
The Northland Tackle Impulse Rigged Jumbo Leech is the most realistic and effective artificial scented leech in the Northland for fishing with rigs and spinners. It’s designed with a flat wafer-thin ribbed torso and features a buoyant super-sensitive tail that undulates and swims like a live leech. The 4.5-inch jumbo leech is internally rigged with Northland’s exclusive Baitfish-Image Spinner Harness, designed to “ match-the-hatch” and provide maximum flash and sonic vibration!
Spike It www.ispikeit.com - Tubby Grub 2” 8ct.
Price: $3.00
Spike - It 2 inch Holographic Tubby Grub. Popular ribbed body with a boot tail for lots of vibration. Brilliant holographic glitter. We recommend you use a jig without a collar with these grubs.
Mustad www.mustad-fishing.com - KVD Duo-Lock Snap
Price: $1.99


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